Casino Del Sol Resort, Tucson – Arizona

Location of Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona

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Casino del Sol Resort

The Casino del Sol Casino and Resort is located just Southwest of the city of Tucson in Arizona. It is a very large building that can be seen from the road while travelers are driving in either direction, and it is placed right in the heart of the desert so it offers a beautiful backdrop of mountains and cactus. The entire resort is extremely clean and well kept, and is sure to make all visitors comfortable during their stay.

Inside the resort there is a wide selection of games for people to participate in and play. The main entrance takes visitors into a large room with an outstanding ceiling that is painted with clouds to resemble the day time, very similar to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The lighting is designed to give people the ambiance of a pink Arizona sunset, and there is a circular bar right in the middle of the room. In the main area, there are three main restaurants which include an Asian themed one, a Mexican fare eatery, and a international buffet with assortments of cuisine from around the world. On Thursdays, the buffet serves unlimited seafood in addition to their regular entrees. Some of the features of the buffet include a sushi bar, a pizza stand, a variety of pastas and meat dishes cooked daily. As players roam through the building towards the back area, there is Greco influenced artwork all the way along the halls which passes by a gift shop, a Starbucks, and another fast food dining option. In addition to that, the large back room has another long bar with several beers on draft and a stage and frequently hosts entertainment on various nights of the week.

There are several different venues for gaming that people can enjoy at the Casino del Sol resort. Brightly lit and animated slot machines are placed all throughout the premises and new games are brought in regularly. Each machine has very crisp clear graphics,audible music and sound effects, and very fun and classy animations. On certain days of the week, there are even free slot machine tournaments for people to participate in as they wish. Almost every slot machine in the casino have the same stakes, ranging from a penny per turn to the max bet which can be several dollars a spin. However, there is also a small section of slot machines near the front of the casino that have high-stakes machines that are only for those who wish to up their bets quite a bit.The classic slot machines are there as well sporadically placed around the casino floor.

Black jack tables are always available in the front room as well. They are carefully placed around the mini bar and offer a good range of stakes, depending on what the player wants to bet. In the main hallway is where a large bingo room is with plenty of tournaments throughout the day, and right across from it is a live poker room. In the poker room, cash games for $1/$2 and $2/$4 bets are played regularly with rotating dealers every half an hour. Anytime someone would like to join of the poker tables, all that someone needs to do is sign up for one with the host of the room at the front desk of the area. There are a number of Texas Hold Em tournaments that take place at least once a day as well, and some of them include bonuses and extra buy-in’s.

The resort has recently added a beautiful hotel on site as well, and the tower of rooms is connected to the casino directly. Guests can enjoy the luxury of the outdoor pool and poolside bar service, along with a Jacuzzi outside by it too. On average, the cost of a night at the hotel ranges between $120-$180 per night, but considering how convenient and relaxing the environment is, many people find themselves coming back regularly.

It is also important to note that at the front desk of the casino in the main room, newcomers can sign up to get a Casino del Sol players card, which can be used to accrue points towards free play and bonuses collected over time. When someone first gets their card, they are given an opportunity to double up on their money up to a certain amount within the first 24 hours. In addition to that, the resort gives all first timers a free meal at the international buffet restaurant located in the front room.

Even though it is illegal to smoke in bars in Arizona, smokers are welcome to do so inside the casino itself. The gift shop that is located by the back room sells a number of cigarettes and cigars at a tax free rate since they are being purchased on the Indian Reservation. In addition to that, the entire casino and its restaurants are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which makes it easy to go to and use at any time.

The Casino del Sol resort is without doubt one of Arizona’s best and most aesthetically pleasing casinos, and it is sure to please anyone who decides to stop by and play for a bit. Parking can be crowded, especially on weekends, so it is important to note that there is also a valet service that will take care of that for the guests. Overall, the fashionably designed building is decorated with a gorgeous texture that is sure to make any regular casino and fan of Las Vegas casinos feel right at home.

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