Casino OTB Parlor in Maryland Proves Popular

Located within the more than 120,000 feet of the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, the first off track betting parlor opened by the Maryland Jockey Club is being seen as a major success for the organization. Since opening the facility in late April 2015 the Maryland Jockey Club has seen its first off track betting location require more space within the Horseshoe Casino, which has now seen the facility grow to a 3,000 square foot location that will evolve with demand for its services. The Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is one of the most popular attractions in the state of Maryland and is looking to establish a loyal client base after opening in August 2014.

Maryland Jockey Club understood the problems the loss of two restaurant based gambling locations would cause it in terms of lost revenue, which prompted the search for a new location. The two now defunct locations were located in the strategically important areas of North East and close to Frederick, which generated a large amount of revenue for the Jockey Club to continue in its aim of becoming a major force in Maryland gaming. The closure of the restaurant locations led the Maryland Jockey Club to the newly opened Horseshoe Casino Baltimore where the organization now believes $10 million in revenue will be reached by the end of 2015.

One of the major bonuses the Maryland Jockey Club found with the opening of the betting parlor in the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore has been the close proximity to many of the major sporting facilities within the city. he location of the casino in the downtown area close to the intersection of interstate 95 and Maryland Highway 295 positions the betting parlor in what has become the major sporting area of the city. Within this area of downtown Baltimore fans of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens are found heading to M&T Bank Stadium and baseball fans are catered for at the Baltimore Orioles Camden Yards stadium. This would seem like the perfect location for a casino and off track betting parlor to be located to maximize the potential of the fans entering the area to support their favorite professional sports teams.

The betting parlor within the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore offers simulcast viewing of live races and is now only the second location where gaming enthusiasts in Maryland can view simulcast races endorsed by the Maryland Jockey Club. The second location is a riverboat that offers betting options and viewing opportunities from the Maryland waters of the Potomac River close to Virginia’s Colonial Beach. The chance to explore the best opportunities in gambling means the Maryland Jockey Club’s Horseshoe Casino Baltimore location is benefiting from visitors attending the location specifically for horse racing reasons and those who attend the casino and simply make their way to the various different areas of the facility.

The decision to locate the betting facility in the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is one that has seen the Maryland Jockey Club and the owners of the casino, Caesar’s Entertainment work together to publicize the partnership between the two companies. The Horseshoe Casino was the home of the Preakness event held by the Maryland Jockey Club, which highlights the close working relationship the casino and Maryland Jockey Club have developed. This close working relationship is working in the favor of both organizations as the two periods of expansion the betting parlor in the Horseshoe Casino has already undertaken show just how successful the location has become for the Maryland Jockey Club. The location has been planned to allow patrons who entire the Horseshoe Casino betting parlor to view the many banks of HD monitors and take advantage of live tellers and automated betting options.

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  2. I 100% agree with those people whose say that ‘Location is one of the major factor for the improvement and success of a business’. That’s why multinational companies now a days are focusing on this factor more than other factors. So, I think, Maryland’s owner really took very good decision for its location to choose. That’s why this Club is so much popular among people of that region and for outsiders as well.

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