Casino Workers May Roll Toward a Strike

Benefits Taken Away

The union casino workers are ready to roll toward a strike. The casino workers have claimed that they have been robbed of needed benefits. Trump Taj Mahal is the target of this strike. Atlantic City is ready to stand up for their rights as dedicated employees. 54 Union workers feel as if they have been robbed of their earned benefits. This union is requesting that their medical benefits and their pension restored. These are highly experienced employees who hold the belief that corporate greed is behind these cuts. There is the possibility of a strike in Atlanta City. These employees seemed to be prepared to follow through and go all the way to a strike. The elimination of these benefits have caused these union workers to go through much harm. These employees have had been robbed of hundreds of dollars from theses cuts.

Not Sustainable to Restore Benefits

The Local 54 Union has tried to resolve these issues in the court system. Their attempts have only proven to be unsuccessful. The union workers have enen encourage a boycott toward the Taj. They placed signs on the boardwalk in the hopes of gaing support and swaying the company to give back their benefits. This has been an attempt to shame this industry into providing the deserved benefits. This union would like this industry to know that they do indeed mean business. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get their benefits back. They have been told that it is not sustainable to restore their benefits.

Strike Authorized by Union in July

The union did authorize a strike. This occurred in the month of July. They have made a firm and solid request to the Tropicana owner and wall street billionaire Care Icahn. He is taking over the Taj while it is emerging from bankruptcy. The request is to restore their benefits or the strike will proceed. When Icahn was approached by the media, he would not return phone calls or provide a comment regarding his intensions. The strike was indeed authorized in July. The outcome is unknown at this particular time.

1000 Workers Affected

The only information that has been provided by Icahn are his actions that left 1000 workers without their pension and medical benefits. It has been noted that it is simply not sustainable to pay for these benefits at this current time.

Workers Disagree

The casino workers completely disagree with the benefit cuts. The hold the belief that this is an industry that needs their experience. They have claimed that all across America it is sustainable to pay for benefits in the casino industry. These casino worker do disagree with the cuts 100 percent. The feel as if they are deserving of their benefits and hold the belief that they deserve them back. They have also claimed that the casino customers deserve fully engaged workers who are willing to provide an exceptional casino experience. This disagreement may lead to a domino effect within the casino industry itself. Taj’s cost-cutting may prove harmful in many ways to those who love ad enjoy the casino experience.

The Employees Must also Thrive

The cuts may allow the casinos to survive. It is also a fact that the employees must be thriving too. This entire situation does not appear helpful to the community in general. This is not a win-win situation.

Fears for Atlantic County

There are many people who has claimed that currently Atlantic County is known as being the foreclosure capital of the United States. There have been many fears openly expressed that the possible strike will only make matters worse all around. Nobody is looking forward to this situation leading to more devastating effects in this county. The fears may be spreading amongst the county. The outcome is not known and the unknown breeds fear.

A Strike Contingency Plan

The owner of the Taj has been noted as having a strike contingency plan in place. This is Trump Entertainment Resorts. They have claimed that the union has been threatening to strike for several months now. The company does not believe that there is enough support to actually make this strike occur. The workers state otherwise.

A Compromise?

There are many people who would like to see a compromise from the Taj and the union workers. It u=is known that the Taj is getting out of a bankrupt situation. It is true that the workers deserve and need their health benefits and their pensions. A solution and a compromise would indeed be beneficial for everyone who enjoys this casino industry.

Atlanta Is Bracing for a Strike

There may be a strike contingency plan in place. There is many differences in opinion as to whether a strike will occur or if this entire issue can be resolved in a peaceful and fair manner. The tension is strong. The fears and emotions have been unleashed by many. This appears to be a challenging dilemma for everyone involved. There may be a solution amongst this controversy. This current time Atlanta is bracing for the possibility of a strike.

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  1. If the we talk about company vs workers it also give us a pro and contra. why? because in one hand, if some company struck by crisis, the company need to survive, and it will take any action necessary to survive. including firing, wage decreasing, or even close the door to sell leftover asset. In the other hand, the company canot operate without human resources. And human resources cost a lot of money in order to make them safe and wealthy. So in my opinion sometime each side need to lower their ego to find some win-win solution.

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