Cast for Cash Slot

cast-for-cashAre you a fisherman at heart who also enjoys the fun of scratch-off tickets or casino games, both off- and online? If so, then you’ll be totally enamored with the casino version of Cast for Cash, a game that provides you with the same excitement and anticipation as if you were sitting in your living room scratching off ticket after ticket!


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How Cast for Cash is Played

Row, row, row your boat… well, not really but you’ll surely feel like you’re sitting in your boat casting for the big one as you watch the animated screen displaying all your favorite fishing symbols! You’ll see frogs, goldfish, catfish, blue or purple fish and even a large mouth bass! The one thing that this game has in common with spending the day at the doing real fishing is that when you’re done, you may be bragging about your big cast or complaining about the one that got away! Let’s hope it’s the former and not the latter.

There is definitely something about the screen on the casino version of this game – the happy fishermen relaxing on the boat – that will have you never wanting to leave this game. That and the fact that there are so many ways you can win with Cast for Cash. In the casino version of Cast for Cash, you only have to worry about two buttons: New Card and Reveal. It really couldn’t get much simpler than that. Unlike some games that have so many buttons and steps it almost takes longer to understand it than you have time to play, Cast for Cash is simple and fun!

How to Win at Cast for Cash

There are several ways you can win when you’re playing Cast for Cash. The easiest way to win is by matching three symbols. Each symbol represents a different payout amount. For instance, if you get three goldfish, you’ll get 1x whatever you bet, whereas three of the large mouth bass pay out 50x your original bet. Here is a simple chart to give you an example of the payouts.

• 3 goldfish – 1x your bet
• 3 frogs – 2x your bet
• 3 catfish – 5x your bet
• 3 purple fish – 10x your bet
• 3 blue fish – 20x your bet
• 3 large mouth bass – 50x your bet

In the above example, you would win 10 coins or credits if you bet 2 coins and had 3 catfish. If you bet 5 coins and got 3 purple fish, you would win 50 coins or credits (5 times 10). As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can win with Cast for Cash.

Whether you’re playing a scratch-and-win ticket of Cast for Cash or sitting in an online casino playing the game, you’ll find that Cast for Cash is defiantly the next best thing to being out on the lake casting away! With the casino version of Cast for Cash, you have the option of playing for real money or just for fun until you decide if the fish are really biting that day!


  1. Gosh all play great but you need patience

  2. Won a lot of bets very easy to understand great game.

  3. whenever i play these scratch card games, the anticipation kills me but i love the experience. That’s why i scratch the cards myself and not let the machine reveal the numbers..

  4. I thought this game is like slots game but it’s different. I’m very interesting to play it but if i play for the real money it’s to scared because betting in this game like betting your luck.

  5. Well this topic is really a very help topic and Details that is provided in this article is very helpful for beginner’s who is going to play this game very first time.
    As details for bet is provided here one can easily understands that ” for what outcome he/she is going to get or lose”

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