Chicken Little Slot

chicken-little That’s not the sound of the sky falling, it’s the sound of your cash adding up with each spin that you wager on this new animated slot machine game. Now you can watch your winnings add up with this brand new spin on the famous children’s tale, Chicken Little.


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This 3-reel classic slot machine game will have you celebrating until the cows come home with fun barnyard characters that will make each wager a delightful one. The symbols on this casino game include a unique host of animated barnyard characters such as a duck, hen, and of course, Chicken Little, to give the game a down-on-the-farm feel that will make you feel right at home.

Farmers and City Folk alike are sure to enjoy this vibrant and colorful online casino game filled with silly characters and a rustic appeal. The animated graphics are sure to make you smile and the large, easy to read interface makes this game ideal for beginners and online casino novices alike. The instructions are simple, and you can literally sit back and watch your winnings multiply while enjoying the antics of Chicken Little and all his friends.

This simple and easy classic slot machine game is a breeze to play and it is a refreshing change from all the standard online slots styles that are out there. All you need to do is sit back, relax and watch the reels as they spin around and your total adds up. The winnings for this game can accumulate quickly, and the best part is the multiplying wild chance that allows you to greatly increase your winnings on all completed combos.

Top features for the Chicken Little game allow you to wager up to three coins for each spin. Hit three Chicken Little’s in a row with a max bet of $5 on three coins, and you could win the $4,000 jackpot! The lucky Chicken Little symbol is also the wild which can help you make a winning combo or even double your winnings on your combination. In order to calculate your earnings, all you have to do is multiply the size of your coin by the payout for each combination.

Get back to the basics with this farm-friendly game that pays tribute to a classic tale while adding funds to your wallet at the same time. It’s not the sky, but coins that are falling with each spin of the reel.

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  1. I love all slot games but chicken little slot is best among all enjoy playing here.

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