Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Lincoln City – Oregon

Location of Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon

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Chinook Winds Casino – Oregon, United States

Chinook Winds Casino and Resort is located in Lincoln City, Oregon, right next to the Pacific Ocean. In fact, you can even see the ocean alongside the casino. The casino boasts several levels, and there are restaurants, slot games, table games, Keno, Poker and much more. The casino also has a showroom, which is on the lower level of the casino, and many shows take place in the showroom. Concerts, wrestling matches, magic shows and more will take place in the showroom. Tickets can be purchased for any show at Chinook Winds Casino, and you can purchase them in advance.

Chinook Winds is a premier casino, and many come from other areas, just to go to the casino. Not only is there a resort hotel with the casino, but there is also golf available, restaurants, as well as other features. Those who plan on going to Chinook Winds Casino, may end up staying for a long period of time, or they can choose to stay overnight. Once you enter the front doors, you’ll immediately get a view of the gaming floor. There are games on the lower level, as well as the upper level. There are table games as well, and several of them to choose from.

Those who are new to the casino, should first sign up for a membership card, which can be used in the slot machines, in order to earn comps and reward points. Signing up for the rewards card only takes a few minutes, and you can begin to earn points, as soon as you start playing games. If you are one who is interested in slot games, there are over 1100 slots available in the casino. Many of the slots include video poker, as well as multi-pay line machines with a minimum bet of one penny.

There are also progressive slots in the casino, so you can try to multiply your bet amount, or go for the jackpot, which grows with each player. Unlike some smaller casinos, Chinook Winds has the possibility for someone to go home with a lot of money. One of their biggest wins was over $1.6 million, and this was on a one cent Wheel of Fortune machine. Those who are looking for the possibility of big dollars, should choose Chinook Winds Casino. Just make sure to use your card every time you play a machine, so you’ll earn your points.

Chinook Winds is constantly having promotions, as well as tournaments. There are several tournaments that take place on the property, and they may be Poker tournaments, slot tournaments and more. Anyone who is in the casino, can possibly join in the tournaments, depending on the rules and regulations. Tournaments will pay out certain prize amounts, but they tend to be a lot more than playing on regular slot machines, or playing regular table games. By the way, the slot machines have some amazing jackpots, and some of them are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. A person can possibly win a lot of money at Chinook Winds Casino.

Slot machines vary in bet amount, as well as in pay lines. There are several new slot games that have been added to the floor, and more are coming in all the time. Those who are interested in playing progressive slots, should look for them within the casino. Bet amounts vary, but the minimum starting amount is at $.01, and the maximum can go up to $100. Those who are choosing a progressive jackpot, can choose one that stands on its own, or a jackpot that grows with each player that plays the game.

If you’re not one for slots, you can try your hand at poker, or some of the table games. There are 23 table games available in the casino, and the bets start at a minimum of five dollars. Those who are interested in a non-smoking table, there are some available, and you can also enjoy a full beverage service, while you play at the tables. You can have servers bring your drinks, while you play, so you never have to leave the action at the tables. Chinook Winds has now included Blackjack tables, which have a starting bet of $3.

The Blackjack tables have rules and regulations, and weekends and holidays are excluded from the $3 minimum. Those who like table games, may prefer Poker, and you can also play Poker in the casino. There is a Poker room, which has recently been expanded, and you can get in on the action, and place your Poker bets. There are also Poker tournaments at the casino, and they will be advertised on the website, as well as in the casino, so you can join at your leisure. There is a minimum buy-in amount for a Poker tournament, so check the rules first.

Bingo and Keno is also available at the casino, and the Bingo games have some nice payouts. The buy-in’s for Bingo is relatively low in cost, and the minimum payout is $200. The Bingo games occur every day, during the afternoon, so get in early, so you can play. Those who are interested in Keno, can also play it within the casino as well. Chinook Winds is big on promotions, and there are always many different promotions that are available. The different promotions are advertised within the casino, and they can allow you to win a lot of money.

The casino even offers specials for senior citizens, so they can also join in the play, and win some money. Those who have their membership cards, can up their membership, just by playing more in the casino. The more you play, the higher your membership can go, until you reach the highest membership level. There are more comps and promotions available to those at the highest membership level. The casino also boasts a buffet, a steakhouse, as well as several other dining options. Chinook Winds is a great casino with so much to do, even if you only go for the day.

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