Churchill Downs To Build Online Casino

Churchill Downs is a famous name in the world of horse racing. The Kentucky Derby is held there every year. Other renowned races, such as the Breaders Cup, also take place there. It is one of the premiere thoroughbred racing tracks in the world. Now it appears that they are entering the world of online gaming.

From Horse Racing to Online Casino

Churchill Downs has operated one of the most successful horse racing tracks for years. They have also taken wagers on horse races. The horse betting system has been around for years. It is perfectly legal for people to place wagers on horse races. The recent interest in online poker had many people in the media wondering if Churchill Downs was going to open up an online casino. The problem was that Churchill Downs is located in Kentucky.

Churchill Downs operates TwinSpires. This is the leading online horse-betting site. They also own Bluff Media. Bluff is the largest poker themed news site in the world. It makes sense that Churchill Downs would move into the online gaming world. They have established themselves as a leader in online wagering and have a loyal fanbase in the gaming community.

It’s All About Location

Currently, there are only a few states that have legalized online gaming. The two biggest are New Jersey and Nevada. Kentucky still has no formal law legalizing online gaming. Not only are online casinos prohibited, brick and mortar casinos are not allowed.

Kentucky has one of the strictest set of laws regarding gambling. It is surprising, since they allow wagering on horse races. However, casinos have never been allowed to open in Kentucky. Churchill Downs operates in Kentucky. So when they set up a division dedicated to online gaming many people took notice.

Churchill Downs Moves Beyond Kentucky

Churchill Downs was working towards setting up an online casino. It just was not going to operate in Kentucky until legislation was passed. The target audience is New Jersey. There were rumors that Churchill Downs was interested in buying Showboat Casino. This is a casino that is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The owners of Showboat Casino have been looking to sell it for a long time. If Churchill Downs partners with Showboat or ends up purchasing the casino outright, then they will have a legal foothold in New Jersey.

Churchill Downs And New Jersey

The reason that Churchill Downs is looking to partner with a land based casino that is located in New Jersey is so it will have the ability to profit from online poker. As it currently stands, the only companies that are allowed to offer online gaming in the state of New Jersey are those that operate land based casinos located in the state.

This is the reason that many large online casinos have partnered with existing casinos. Churchill Downs was looking to do something similar. They would operate the software and run the online operations for the land-based casino.

Churchill Downs Runs into Problems

The initial deal fell apart. This led to lawsuits between both parties. Churchill Downs spent close to 11 million dollars setting up the deal. However, it appears that it will not go through. Churchill Downs paid a third party close to 3 million dollars. This third party was an entertainment company named NLR entertainment. They were going to purchase Showboat and then partner with Churchill Downs.

However, NLR entertainment failed to move forward with the purchase. This means that for the time being the deal with Showboat is on hold. That does not mean that there will not be another deal with another casino.

Moving Forward with Online Gaming

The collapse of the deal with NLR entertainment was not good for Churchill Downs. However, that does not stop the development of their online casino software. Any company that decides it wants to offer online gaming can use the software. The obvious choice was a New Jersey casino, but many other states are beginning to legalize online gaming.

It is a good sign that Churchill Downs is developing casino software. They have established themselves as a trustworthy company with their TwinSpires wagering site. This means that when they enter the market, people will have no doubt as to the safety of their site. This is excellent news for all casinos that are looking for a good partner for their online ventures.

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  1. i hope that Kentucky will have a big casino a soon as possible.It need support not only from people in kentucky but also government, politician, businessman and all who get involved.Thank you

  2. Feeling so bad and sorry for Churchill Downs. They put their best efforts but failed to find partner. And also faced some heavy lost. It’s all due to the state where they located. As at their location online gaming is not legalized. So, before going ahead, they should have to first make online gaming legalized for their location. In this matter all the GOV. authorities must have to help them. But it seemed to that unfortunately Churchill Downs failed to do this. But still they are trusted for seeking a good partners. Wish them best of luck for future. And head off for them, they are still developing themselves.

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