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Cincinnati Casino went through a rebranding process in June 2016. The process saw the casino being closed temporarily for a few days for the rebranding process. Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati’s rebranding objective was to align it with its parent company, Rock Gaming rebranding. The downtown casino was renamed to Jack Entertainment LLC. Cincinnati Casino is among other two companies belonging to Rock Gaming Group that have gone through the renaming process. A spokeswoman for the JACK Entertainment Company announced that the closure of the casino would go for about 40 hours. The process will involve changing the name and logo of the casino.

It was also reported that the casino’s parking lot would be closed from the public. Few employees working at the Hamilton County were however given a parking pass that allowed them to use the reserved spaces in the garage. The casino was officially closed on June 6th at 11.59 PM. The casino was later reopened on June 8th at 4 PM under the new name Jack Cincinnati Casino. The parking space was also made open to the general public on June 8th. Apart from renaming the casino, other changes were done on the gambling tables, the slot machines, and all decks of cards and the pairs of dice. Regulatory standards were also put in place, and all the slots, dice, and cards have to comply with the outlines regulatory standards. The new casino also comes with the best surveillance system. Jack Entertainment LLC comes installed with plenty of surveillance cameras that will be able to identify cheaters.

Workers were spotted during the morning hours affixing the name JACK to an 80-foot marquee. It is reported that the renaming process forms part of the rebranding that was done by Dan Gilbert after he acquired an active management role. He gained the active management role after campaigning in the year 2009 to convince the Ohio residents to vote for the bill that allows the legalization of casinos.

The new casino will be focused on providing the best entertainment to its clients. Chief marketing officer of the casino, Darlene Monzo also stated that the company would be treating its workforce with love and respect. The new casino’s brand is explained by the analogy of a friend who convinces you to things that you wouldn’t do on a usual basis. Clients will also get to enjoy services of a loyalty card program that is named Club Jack. The card is made up of four tiers that allow customers to accrue points that enable them to win various prizes. Monzo assures their clients of more fun and entertainment to be experienced at the casino. President of the casino estimated the total cost of the whole to around 40 million U.S Dollars. Mark Duncanson states that broad consultations were held with various stakeholders before the decision to rebrand the casino was reached.

Renaming of the casino is also expected to result in changes in the casino’s restaurant services. The most remarkable change was the renaming of the entertainment venue of the casino. Renaming of the casino also saw Rock Gaming Company taking charge of the management role of the casinos located in Ohio and racino. The management was passed from the Caesars Entertainment Corp to the Rock Gaming Company. The move will also see the business’ profit levels being boosted.

The rebranding process follows an announcement that was made in 2015 about the company’s acquisition of the balance of pending shares that gave a partner company ownership amounting to 100 percent. Rock Gaming managed to take the management of the daily operations of Horseshoe Casino, ThistleDown Racino, and the Horseshoe Cleveland. The company’s rebranding process is meant to showcase its progressive spirit. The casino is driven by their mission to achieve perfection and interests to provide their clients with the delightful gaming experience. According to the casino’s chief marketing officer, the casino is focused on setting the pace when it comes to giving casino fans the most daring and exciting activities. The casino gets the fans out of their comfort zone and gives them the most adventurer’s experience.

A frequent customer to the casino said that the name of the casino does not have any much effect. Gary Bryson says that most of the casino’s clients typically use the word casino without having to mention the specific name. A majority of the people asked to comment on the rebranding of the casino were not clear on the renaming process. However, the casino’s top management states that the casino has hired the best team that is up to the task to ensure that the rebranding process yields results.