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Cleveland Horseshoe Casino: An Exciting Rebirth

Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland has been a staple in Ohio for years and beloved by many of the residents who enjoy gambling. The casino went through a major change on May 10th. The casino was renamed as part of a re-branding effort.

Horseshoe Casino and Its Evolution

Horseshoe Casino is a big part of Ohio’s history because it was the first casino to be opened in the state. It reopened on May 11th to the public that welcomed the gaming institution with open arms.

Legalizing the casino took five statewide votes; Ohio had not changed casino laws in over twenty years. It was definitely a historic event when the fifth statewide vote finally showed that 53 percent of Ohio voters wanted the casino to open. This happened back in November 2009. The vote also approved casinos in other major cities of Ohio like Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo.

The Horseshoe Casino was developed by both Caesars Entertainment and Dan Gilbert’s Rock Gaming. But every story needs a little spicing up, which is what prompted Rock Gaming to re-brand itself and the casino.

Horseshoe and Re-branding

On May 10, Horseshoe Casino was laid to rest, and Jack Cleveland Casino rose from its ashes. The transition only took 40 hours, but some changes were already occurring. Some names, signs, and other propaganda was being slowly changed, but the change that took place on May 10th was the biggest one.

The reason people were told is because Rock Gaming–now Jack Gaming–thinks that communication is very important.

Jack Gaming wanted to be completely transparent during the change to make sure that every gambler understood the change and felt welcomed to Jack Cleveland Casino–just as Horseshoe Casino welcomed these gamblers before.

On May 10th, Caesars Entertainment had officials formally transfer internal gaming and other systems to Jack Gaming. The transfer was a methodical process that needed to be tested a few times before it is was made official. This is part of the reason why the casino closed for a whole day.

The other reason is because the casino wanted to make a splash, since the Jack Cleveland Casino is attempting to live up to the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino name.

Many frequent visitors are excited about what this could mean for the casino and the way the games are experienced. One thing that Jack Cleveland Casino is planning to introduce is the ClubJack player loyalty program.

The rewards program is replacing Caesars’ Total Rewards program. The Total Rewards program allows loyal members to earn discounts and other rewards that are honored in 40 resorts and casinos all around the world. Those who have Total Rewards credits will see those credits transferred into ClubJack player credits. And, best of all, these credits are still going to be honored by all Caesars-owned properties.

The only thing that a visitor to the casino has to do is make sure that he or she applies to the ClubJack player loyalty program. Any old Caesars’s credits will be honored, but clients will get a taste of what ClubJack credits can do after those old credits run out. The casino’s representatives are keeping a very tight lid on the kind of benefits that ClubJack credits will offer customers, but these will be worth the effort.

Jack Cleveland Casino also said that there is still going to be incremental changes to the casino that will happen over time. But one thing that Jack Cleveland Casino is excited about is the inclusion of newer technologies. These technologies should make game play a lot more interactive. This is an important part of the change because experts have noted that gamblers are looking for an all-inclusive kind of gaming experience.

Jack Cleveland Casino is, again, making history by taking its first step towards more interactive gaming.