Colorado Grande Casino, Cripple Creek – Colorado

Location of Colorado Grande Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado

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The Colorado Grande Casino ranked amongst the first gaming establishments to accept patrons when the State of Colorado legalized small stakes gambling in 1991. It conducts business in an historic section of Cripple Creek, an old gold mining town located several miles outside of Boulder, Colorado to the northwest of Denver.

Tourists find this area interesting in part on account of its rich history, and the Colorado Grande certainly radiates the unique mystique of the mountain community, a place which once drew throngs of prospectors. The Colorado Grande Casino shares the same building as Maggie’s Restaurant and the Lucky 7 Hotel. You can reach it at 300 East Bennett Drive, Cripple Creek, CO. 80813.

Any review of this casino should mention, in addition to gaming, the rich history of the building and its associated facilities.

An Historic Casino Building

The Colorado Grande Casino occupies much of the lower and ground levels of a multi-story angular red brick building dating from the turn of the last century. The interior decor, replete with old-style carpets and elegant interior woodwork paneling, definitely reflects this long tradition. Before welcoming the casino, the Fairley Brothers and Lampman Building housed numerous small businesses and professional practices, including a woman’s apparel store, a pharmacy, a lawyer’s office and medical facilities. It remained a prominent local business landmark in Cripple Creek for much of the past century.

Visitors to Cripple Creek often notice a lack of parking in the downtown area. It is usually easier to park outside of town and take a bus or a walking tour of the central part of the old mountain community. There are broad sidewalks adjoining downtown buildings. Driving in the commercial sections of a town where so many pedestrians visit casinos on foot in groups often proves impossible.

Gaming at the Colorado Grande Casino

The casino offers both electronic slots machines and video games and some table games. Its approximately 200 electronic gaming machines cluster tightly in rows and alcoves of the sprawling building. Visitors can place small stakes wagers, and a variety of slots and games attract their attention. Reportedly, the casino also offers two Blackjack tables, a Roulette table and a Poker table for 3-card Poker games.

Maggie’s Restaurant

Many patrons visit the traditional style restaurant in the building. It serves primarily an American cuisine for dinner and lunch, with menus posted daily. Many of the dishes bring to mind meals served during the heyday of successful wildcat goldmines in Colorado. A typical example of a dinner at Maggie’s Restaurant is Stuffed Salmon for $18.95 or Grilled BBQ Spiced Quail for $16.95.

Some people who ventured into the Colorado gold camps during the 1800s earned fortunes mining. That tradition still permeates Cripple Creek. The restaurant itself bears a logo depicting “Maggie,” a fashionable young woman of about 25 dressed in elegant late Nineteenth Century attire.

Maggie’s Restaurant does not stay open all the time, but there is a coffee bar located in the casino. It serves a variety of “Grab and Go” menu items, including beverages, breakfast sandwiches, sandwiches and pastries. Patrons can obtain 16 ounce and 20 ounce cups of specialty coffees and mochas, ranging in price from a $1.00 small Double Down Espresso to $3.25 for a large Spades Latte.

The Lucky 7 Hotel

A small hotel is located in the upper floors of the building. The rooms are simply but comfortably furnished in a vintage theme. Prices range from $59.95 for small single rooms to $199.95 for more spacious accommodations, and there is considerable variation in seasonal prices based on the time of year and length of stay. Guests who hope to book rooms at the hotel in order to stay there while playing at the casino should try to finalize those arrangements for their visit as far in advance as possible.


The Colorado Grande Casino offers a variety of promotions to visitors. Unfortunately, in December, 2014, the casino’s website underwent extensive renovation, which has not been completed yet. The casino can be contacted at (719)689-3517 to inquire about specific promotions that may be in effect on certain dates.

Patrons of the casino can sign up to obtain a Maggie’s Club Card. Membership in the club allows them to accumulate cash and comp rewards for playing games at the casino. They may qualify to win free beverages at the coffee shop, for instance.

Additionally, Maggie’s Club Card holders receive mail with discount coupons. Their mailings from the casino includes invitations to attend special VIP dinners conducted every month.

Nearby Attractions

Due to the historic nature of Cripple Creek and nearby Central City, the area draws not only visitors to local casinos, but also many tourists undertaking vacations in the lovely Rocky Mountain area. A number of nearby attractions lie within reach of guests of the Colorado Grande Casino. For people with automobiles, scenic Rocky Mountain National Park is within easy driving distance of Cripple Creek. If visitors arrive during warmer months, they can undertake a wonderful sklyline drive across mountains running through the Park. And within the local area Cripple Creek and Central City area, businesses offer family activities, such as panning for gold at local gold panning sites and horseback riding in the mountains.


The Colorado Grande Casino draws upon a rich tradition of gold mining in promoting its activities in the historic downtown section of Cripple Creek. It offers a great location for visitors interested in finding entertainment in scenic Northern Colorado.


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