Colorado Online Gambling Laws

Gambling in general is high risk, yet gambling online is illegal on a federal and state basis for Colorado residents. This is due to the fact that most of these online “casinos” cannot be regulated to guarantee payoff to winners. They also cannot ensure that the players enrolling at the sites are of legal age to participate in the gambling activities. Most of these gambling sites are located and operating in countries outside of the United States. Online gambling is a popular venue and brings in billions of dollars of revenue to the people who own and operate these sort of websites, however they are not legal for United States citizens to participate in.

Why is it Illegal?

Another reason that it is illegal to gamble online in Colorado or other states is that they cannot regulate the payoffs like they would be able to in a state run casino. In real casinos, there is a requirement that the slot and video machines pay off based on odds based on law, but online casinos have no guarantee of odds and there is no way to file a complaint in the event that a winner does not receive his payoff should they hit a jackpot online. Online casinos do not have regulations or controls on minimum payouts or guarantees that the players will receive their earnings at all should they win. Therefore, online casinos are not only high risk forms of gambling for United States residents, they are banned by federal and state laws.

What Kind of Offense it it?

While it is a petty 1 offense to gamble for Colorado residents, there really is no way for the government to regulate who goes online to these casinos, and most online casinos will accept Colorado players should a person decide that they wanted to participate in an online poker game or play the slots. Online sports books or calling phone lines to bet on games, is another form of gambling that is illegal but not regulated in Colorado.

What Does the Future Hold for Online Gambling?

Colorado does have gambling casinos in the states, and a lottery system in place for gambling options. There has been some talk of trying to put some online poker websites in place as of 2012 but those websites were never instituted, so to this date it is still not legal to gamble online in the state of Colorado until they can find a way to regulate and control the websites. At the same time, the state and federal government does not regulate people who go online to play the offshore casinos.

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