Cool Cat Casino Review

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Website Name Cool Cat Casino
Software RTG
Established 2003
Country Costa Rica
US Players Accepted Yes
Payout Percentage 97.40%
Bonus Information 1000% Welcome Bonus
Payment Methods Accepted Neteller, Check, Wire Transfer, Person to Person Money Transfer
Minimum Deposit $30
Maximum Deposit Varies depending on player class and deposit method from $250 up to $5000
Minimum Withdraw $100
Max Withdraw $2000 per week depending on player class. VIP Players get higher amounts.
Withdraw Time Up to 14 business days after approval
VIP Program Yes
Live Chat Support Yes
Downloadable Software Yes – Download Cool Cat Casino
Instant Play Yes
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Cool Cat Casino is one of the best-known casinos on the web. The site offers players more than one hundred high-quality, action-packed games that will get you hooked and keep you coming back for more! The site, established in 2000, is an industry leader in casino gaming, offering customers generous bonuses, spectacular jackpots, and an exceptionally secure online gaming experience. With thousands of satisfied customers located in countries around the globe, Cool Cat Casino is one of the most popular and reliable providers of online gambling and entertainment.


Cool Cat Casino offers its players a number of awesome promotions and bonuses. The casino’s current sign-up bonus is one of its best offers yet. To get started on Cool Cat Casino, users simply need to download the site’s casino software and register an authentic user account. New users can then visit the online cashier and enter the promotion code “1000BONUSEXPLOSION” to get started with a $100 credit on the Cool Cat Casino site. For the next five days players will have the chance to earn the site’s 1000% bonus explosion reward; each dollar won during this time period is worth a 1% bonus, with the potential to earn up to 1000% of your initial $100 deposit. A 415% sign-up bonus would equal a closing balance of $415, an 800% sign-up bonus would equal a closing balance of $800, and so on, up to a maximum bonus of $1000 cash! Players simply need to make a $30 purchase or more to claim this sign-up bonus. If the player exceeds the 1000% bonus limit, his or her winnings will be converted into an additional bonus on their next deposit, up to 500%. In total, new players at Cool Cat Casino have the chance to win up to $1500 simply by registering with the site.

All in all, Cool Cat Casino’s welcome bonus offer is one of the best in the business. The casino also offers a number of daily, weekly, and monthly offers and bonuses to its VIP members. To learn more about the site’s VIP programs, check out the “VIP PROGRAMS” header below.


Whether you’re into slots games, table games, video poker, or other specialty games, Cool Cat Casino is guaranteed to have something for you. In just a few quick minutes you can download Cool Cat Casino’s software, gaining access to over 150 online casino games! The site not only offers players a huge array of games to choose from, but also provides gamers with an awesome guide packed with tips and strategies to help you win big, too! The experience of gaming with Cool Cat Casino is faster, easier, and more fun than on any other online gaming site, and might just beat the experience of gambling in Las Vegas, too.

It would take a novel to describe each of the great games listed online at Cool Cat Casino. The site lists new games all the time, each one more fun than the last.

One of the latest and greatest games on the site is “Football Frenzy”. This soccer-themed slots game is more exciting than the World Cup itself, offering players the chance to race their striker across the field, amassing huge gains and winning giant jackpots. A special bonus round even offers gamers the chance to play a “penalty kick” within the game. For the serious soccer fan, slots has never been more fun than it is in “Football Frenzy.”

For the sexier side of casino gaming, consider playing Cool Cat’s “Naughty or Nice” games, including the series’ latest installment, “Naughty or Nice: Spring Break.” This sexy slot machine includes two sexy temptresses engaging in lots of mischief on the beach. Hot, addictive games like these are what keep Cool Cat Casino players hooked on the site for life.

Cool Cat Casino also offers players a number of instant free games to choose from! These are great for players who are new to online gambling, or for those who are looking to get a taste of what Cool Cat Casino is made of before investing their hard-earned cash. There are more than 75 free games to choose from, all available to play on the Cool Cat site, no downloads or payments necessary. These awesome games range from online slots to video poker, and have a variety of themes, from ancient Egypt to mermaids to prehistoric life. To get a taste for what Cool Cat Casino has to offer, consider checking out these free games before registering with the site. You definitely won’t regret it.


Cool Cat Casino offers tons of special bonuses to its users every month! As of August 2014, the site is running a number of fantastic special promotions. Though these promotions change each month, the site’s offers are always excellent, and are sure to keep players returning month after month for more gaming fun.

Current promotions at Cool Cat Casino include an 180% no-rules bonus! This bonus simply requires that players make a $30 deposit to begin. This incredible bonus is truly rules-free, eliminating maximum withdrawal limits and freeing users of play-through requirements! To access this promotion, players simply must enter the promotion code TATTOO180.

Another promotion occurring this month is the Happy Hour 3x promotion. With this 300% no-rules bonus, casino gamers can triple their deposits of $50 or more on all slots and keno games. This offer can be accessed via the promo code COCKTAILX3.

Cool Cat Casino is also providing its members with a 500% games bonus on all allowed games played during the month of August. Using the promotion code WED500 players can gain access to a 30x play-through on most games, or a 60x play-through on table games and video poker. Gamblers will also have the opportunity to increase their cashout limit ten-fold by partaking in this promotion. As with most of Cool Cat’s monthly promotions, this offer simply requires that gamers make a modest $30 deposit. With such rewarding monthly promotions, it’s no wonder that thousands of online gamblers choose to do business with Cool Cat Casino.

If you’re into slots and keno games, there’s no better site than Cool Cat Casino. One of their current promotions is an incredible 660% keno and slots bonus! Using the promo code HOTEL660 players can gain access to this special monthly bonus as well as a 30x play-through increase and 10x cashout increase on deposits of $30 or more.

In short, Cool Cat Casino is one of the freshest, most vibrant casinos on the web. With great offers and promotions like these occurring each and every month, you’ll be sure to enjoy gaming with this casino for years to come.


Cool Cat Casino is well-known among online gamers for offering great promotions and top-notch customer service to all of its players. One of the best parts of registering with Cool Cat Casino is becoming a VIP member on the site. The casino offers players a number of VIP benefits, as well as exclusive offers and promotions not available to standard site users.

The VIP program at Cool Cat Casino is broken down into five levels, “Cheddar” (Level 1), “Dodger” (Level 2), “Bouncer” (Level 3), “Cool Cat” (Level 4), and “Cool Cat Elite” (Level 5). By joining the VIP program best suited to your gaming needs, you can make the most of your time in the casino, earning special cash bonuses and securing bigger cashouts and faster withdrawals for yourself.

At the “Cheddar” VIP level, members can gain access to a number of basic VIP offers on the Cool Cat site. Registering for this VIP level requires either earnings of 150 comp points or more, or, alternatively, a one-time deposit of $500. This VIP level gives players access to Cool Cat Casino’s exclusive VIP bonus offers, an $100 VIP welcome chip, 3 cashouts with free chips as well as 10% monthly insurance. “Cheddar” VIP members can also earn one comp point for every $1,250 wagered with a max cashout of 2x. For casual gamblers, this VIP package offers the most “bang for your buck.” Though players can register for the site without opting into a VIP program, choosing a VIP membership is guaranteed to make your time on the site more exciting and rewarding.

The second VIP level, “Dodger”, can be accessed by earning 350 comp points on the Cool Cat site, or, alternatively, making a one-time deposit of $1,000. The benefits at this level include access to the site’s VIP bonuses, a $150 VIP welcome chip, 4 cashouts with free chips, and 20% monthly insurance. The “Dodger” level also raises the table limits for players, and offers members one comp point for every $1,000 wagered. Cashouts at the “Dodger” level are tripled as well. This VIP level is a great option for casual gamers looking for a few extra perks and benefits.

At the third VIP level “Bouncer” player perks are truly maximized. This VIP level can be accessed by members who have earned 1,000 comp points on the site, or, alternatively, have made a one-time deposit of $2,000 or more. “Bouncer” members receive a $250 VIP welcome chip and 5 cashouts with free chips. One comp point can now be earned for every $750 wagered, and max cashouts are increased four-fold. Additional “Bouncer” benefits include 30% monthly insurance, increased table limits, and super-fast withdrawals. “Bouncer” VIP membership also offers gamers two exclusive perks; players will receive a personal account manager as well as custom “Bouncer”-only VIP promotions based on your gaming preferences. If you’re serious about gaming at Cool Cat Casino, you should definitely look into attaining VIP membership at the “Bouncer” level. The benefits of being a “Bouncer” VIP are numerous, and the gaming experience at this level is better than ever before.

The fourth and fifth VIP levels at Cool Cat Casino (entitled “Cool Cat” and “Cool Cat Elite,” respectively) are reserved for the most committed gamblers only. The “Cool Cat” VIP level may be accessed by earning 2800 Comp Points. The “Cool Cat Elite” VIP level is even more exclusive, and is invitation-only. These levels offer such perks as $500+ VIP welcome chips, 40-50% monthly insurance, lowered thresholds for comp point earnings, higher table limits, exclusive gifts and special rewards, personalized bonuses, and access to an exclusive VIP Host. Cool Cat Casino certainly rewards its most valued players handsomely.

For those who are looking to experience the best that Cool Cat Casino has to offer, using the site frequently will increase your chances of leveling up in the VIP membership hierarchy. The benefits and fun of being a top-level VIP member are out of this world. This casino is one of the best for rewarding its loyal customers, and is guaranteed to make you feel like a VIP every time you visit the site.


Using online casinos can sometimes be a risky endeavor. Not all online casinos are based in the United States, and it can often be a risk to provide such companies with your credit card information or banking details. Cool Cat Casino, however, is far better than its competitors when it comes to digital security. The site has a high-level, ultra-secure transaction system, as well as the most ethical customer service representatives in the business. The site’s encryption ensures that personal data and financial information will always be secure as well.

Cool Cat Casino accepts account deposits via Visa or MasterCard credit cards and debit cards. Customers located outside of the U.S. or in Canada may also opt to use Neteller, an online service that allows for same-day payments and cash transfers. All of these options are fast and equally secure, and can get you started on the Cool Cat Casino website. Customers rave that making deposits to Cool Cat Casino are faster than on many other online gambling sites. If you’re looking for speedy transfers and gameplay, Cool Cat Casino is definitely the site for you.

Making a withdrawal from Cool Cat Casino is incredibly simple as well. Registered players need only sign into the site, visit the online “cashier” tab and select “withdraw money.” The site offers gamers a number of different withdrawal options, including (but not limited to) cash deposits, overnight express checks, Neteller withdrawals, Click2Pay withdrawals, and wire transfers. As with all financial transactions, each of these transfer methods has a fee attached to it, some as high as $100 for overnight express checks. Players should note that the transfer fee for their withdrawal will be deducted from their earnings amount.

Though many customers have made successful withdrawals from Cool Cat Casino, players should note that the site is not known for being especially speedy in their processing of withdrawal request. Though the site promises to accept all withdrawals that meet the cashout limits within 10-15 business days of the withdrawal request, some customers have complained that it has taken them a number of weeks to finally receive their payouts. Others have stated that Cool Cat Casino customer service representatives required that payouts be made in smaller amounts over a longer period of time, resulting in increased withdrawal processing fees. Though most customers report that their experiences with Cool Cat Casino have been positive overall, players should note that the site may take longer to process withdrawals than others. Customers can rest assured, however, knowing that Cool Cat Casino does things the right way. The site’s representatives take the time to fill out all paperwork properly, ensuring that all withdrawals are secure and properly processed. Cool Cat Casino will deliver your earnings to you, that much is for certain. If you’re short on patience, however, or looking for a quick buck, this site may not be for you.

The numbers generated in their games and gameplay results are guaranteed to be 100% random, too, and the site and its software has been certified by professionals who review the online gaming industry. Unlike its competitors, Cool Cat Casino’s gameplay includes high-tech “disconnection protection” software, allowing gamers to continue or finish a game if they happen to lose connection part-way through.


All in all, Cool Cat Casino is one of the best online gambling sites on the web. The site offers a number of incredible paid games as well as a large library of free-play options. The site’s welcome bonus, monthly promotions, and incredible VIP perks are all additional bonuses that make this site better than its competitors. Despite the occasional delay in withdrawals, the site is trustworthy and secure, and has been established for well over a decade. If you’re looking for a new site to gamble on, Cool Cat Casino is highly recommended. You’ll definitely have a fun time.


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