crapsBoth conservative action and risk taking are rewarded in the thrill a minute experience that is called craps. This dice game allows both optimists and pessimists to embrace their attitudes and encounter profit. From wagers that feature almost even odds to the high risk and reward plays, fortunes can be made on the throw of the dice. What makes this game so appealing to both the mathematically minded and those players that fly by the seat of their pants?


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The Journey of the Dice

Land mines to navigate through and wade your way to profit give the thrill in this game. From the distinctive rattle that two dice have being shaken together, these bouncing bundles make their way across the table to rattle home against the far wall. They settle to a rest and the table eagerly looks to discern the number that will determine their fates. This game is tied into an individuals talent at getting certain rolls. People at table can wager on how they anticipate that the story will unfold. One of the more common wagers at the start of each distinctive round are called the pass and no pass bets.

Will The Thrower Be Successful?

The pass no pass is all about whether the person that throws the dice will hit their mark. The first throw sets the point. If a seven or an eleven is rolled, they and anyone else are credited with a pass win. When the dice come up craps (two, three, or twelve) on the first toss, then pass is lost and the no pass comes pays for almost all of these rolls. Now any other result will establish the point. If a four is rolled, then the pass will pay off on the next four. When a seven hits before the four in this sequence the pass is lost and the no pass cashes. This is as simple as wagering gets. However do not be fooled by the simplicity as the tension escalates with each roll in which the point nor the seven are hit.

The beauty in this game is that the wagering does not come to a standstill while waiting for the point or seven to be made. Wagers of various odds can be placed and determined by the next roll of the dice. Individual numbers as well as the field can be speculated on. The chances of them being rolled are met with a corresponding payoff. The higher the risk can net greater payouts. You decide how sedate or hot and heavy the action can be. Craps can be one of the more streaky games you can play. Many people have legendary accounts of monster runs they have been on in craps. Try for yourself this venerable table game today. Embrace the risk and let the dice be your friend today.

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