Cream of the Crop Slot

cream-of-the-crop Cream of the Crop is certainly an aptly named game. If you’re in the mood for a cool way to pass an afternoon, Cream of the Crop has you covered. This five reel, twenty payline video slot machine offers hours of fun and excitement for players all across the country. It sports an adorable farming and agriculture motif complete with vegetables such as carrots, radishes, rabbits, and beets, rather than the usual cherries, lemons, bars, and sevens. Unlike more typical video slot games, the reels aren’t spun into place; seeds will fall from the sky and plant themselves in the dirt, then quickly sprout to create your “garden” of reels.


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Cream of the Crop works just like most other five reel video slot machines. First, you decide how many credits you will bet, between 1 and 25. Then, you choose how many credits you want per line, a number between one and ten. Finally, choose the lines you’re going to use per spin, then you can let the reels fly! If at least three of the symbols match up, you’ve won. Matching flowers gives out the smallest payments. Matching the various kinds of vegetables, such as red peppers, earns you mid-tier payouts. The big jackpots come from matching the coveted pumpkins and glowing cobs of corn. Sometimes, you might land on a rabbit. Rabbits are wild symbols, and if you manage to make a match with a rabbit, it will hop down the column it appeared in, making the vegetables in that column wild too. This could immensely multiply your winnings, giving you an amazingly lucky break!

Sometimes you will see treasure chests in your garden. If you match up three of them, you’ll earn a chance at Cream of the Crop’s bonus game. In the bonus round, signs will litter the soil of your garden rather than the usual crops. You must seek out a hidden treasure chest in the dirt to win extra credits instantly, which will keep the fun going on the main slots. Along the way, you will find Try to stay away from the weeds, because finding one will end your bonus game and send you back to the slots.

So, if you are looking for a way to pass some time and press your luck with a video slot machine, try Cream of the Crop for its unique, clever reel design and intriguing, fast-paced gameplay.


  1. I just downloaded the game Cream of the Crop slot is …..
    I play on my laptop, funny and not boring design. rich colors. My children also like playing it.

  2. I try to play game cream of the crop slot with my mobile Smartphone.Unfortunately failed!.There’s need upgrade my flash player.should we do that?.thankyou

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