Creek Casino Montgomery – Alabama, United States

Location of Creek Casino in Montgomery, Alabama

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Creek Casino is located in Montgomery, Alabama. The casino is somewhat secluded, and it’s located a ways from the main freeway, and you have to take back roads, in order to get to the casino. There are two different ways to get to the casino, one with a toll, and one without a toll. If you’re going to the casino, and you want to spend every dime on the slots, then avoid using the toll road.

Once you drive up to the casino, you will readily see that there are many different places to park. The parking area at Creek Casino is extensive, but sometimes it’s hard to find a place to park. Walking up to the casino, you’ll be able to see a water fountain, and there is always the prize for the time period, in front of the casino. There are always big prizes being given away at the casino, so check into it, before you start playing. Creek Casino also has many themed days, and prize giveaways, so read up about it in their newsletter, or ask about it.

One of the most current prizes is a vehicle with a trailer attached to it, which can be seen in the front of the casino. One must be a member of the casino, in order to join the drawing for the big prize. Enter the glass doors of the casino, and the bathrooms are on the right, and all the games are right in front of you. Creek Casino has an extensive gaming floor, but it’s recently been cut in half, and more games are anticipated to be added. The problem is, the casino can get very full, very fast.

Because of the recent construction going on in the casino, the weekends can see the casino extremely full, leaving very little room for players to game. Many people frequent Creek Casino, and you may find yourself having to stand for a long period of time, especially if you’re waiting to play a game. There are many machines to pick from, especially if it’s a slow weekday, where you can find more games available to play. If you’re new to the casino, you first need to head over to the money center. You need to sign up for a club card, so you can earn points and rewards.

The rewards you receive, are gained through playing on the machines. The more you play, the more points you can earn, and the more rewards you’ll get. There are different levels of membership, but everyone starts with a standard Gold Club Card. It’s free to join the club, and you will be able to keep track of all the money you play with in the casino. If you ever need a statement about your wins and losses, you can go to one of the many machines, and insert your card, and print out a statement. There are machines that will cash out your winning tickets as well.

Win/loss statements can be used for tax purposes, or for any other purpose you choose. Creek Casino does not offer table games, only slot games. Many of the slots have various pay lines, as well as bet amounts. If you’re looking to play a standard bet amount, which is anywhere from one penny, up to five dollars, then you can stay out on the main gaming floors. There used to be a non-smoking section off to the left hand side of the casino, but since the recent construction has taken place, there is no longer a non-smoking section.

Anyone can smoke anywhere in the casino, which may be a bit bothersome to those who do not care for the cigarette smoke. At the head of the former non-smoking section, is the high roller room. The room is not closed off, but it is sectioned off, and many know that you have to have a lot of money to play in the room. Bets used to start from one dollar, but things have changed, and the minimum bet amount is $5, and bets can go all the way up to $50. If you choose to bet in the high roller room, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars with a few spins.

Do not enter the high roller room, unless you’re ready to play for some real money. Creek Casino features a few oversized slot machines, where two people can sit in front of it, but only one person can play. There is an oversized slot machine in the high roller room, as well as near the front of the casino, and in the back of the casino. These machines don’t pay out any more than any others, but they are neat to look at. Anyone joining the casino for the first time, can get their losses back.

You can play up to $1000, and your losses will be returned to you, if you’re a first-time player at Creek Casino. Your losses will be returned to your card within seven days, and you must play the money on the card, before you can win any real money. If you happen to win a jackpot, an announcement is made, and a song plays overhead, while the lights flash, letting everyone known that you’ve won. There are soda machines in the casino, and you can get any soft drinks you choose, free of charge. There is also free coffee available as well.

If you’re looking to stay a while, and you want to have dinner or lunch, there is a restaurant at the front of the casino. Lucille’s eatery is a restaurant that was created through a partnership with BB King, who is a blues legend. There are many different types of foods that you can find in the eatery, so you may want to stay a while. Although many of the restaurants that were in the casino, have now been closed off, hopefully the casino will be adding more eateries in the future. Creek Casino is great for those looking for slot action, any day of the week.

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