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Location of Creek Entertainment in Gretna, Florida

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Creek Entertainment Gretnac

Creek Entertainment in Gretna Offers a Wide Amount Pleasurable Experiences
Location and Directions and Descriptions of the Creek Entertainment
Creek Entertainment in Gretna, which is located at 501 Racetrack Drive in Gretna, Fl 32332 is relatively easy to get to. Gretna, Florida is located practically in Tallahassee, Florida. The City of Pensacola is located to the left of Gretna. Jacksonville is located on the right of Gretna. Dotham is slightly to the left. Albany is practically the next town on the map. Actual directions near the City of Gretna follows some scenic and easy to drive on routes. Gretna, Florida is located on Route 268 between Timmons Road and Hardaway Highway.

For your reference, Basset Road on Route 270 is below the city of Gretna. Route 10 from above comes into the city. Route 90 from below comes into the city. The Poarch Band of Indians is in charge of the properties. One of the very best polished and professional looking amusement centers in the United States, it is only 25 miles out of the City of Tallahassee, Florida.

Unique Architecture

One will know that one has found the building when one has come to a stately, massively constructed building which has the essence and flavor of an 1800’s hunter’s trading cabin. The lighted spokes, which resonate up to an arched rooftop as well as the cut wood exterior, lightly colored ochre exterior, are very suggestive of the past as well as the present day Indian’s influence on architectural design. It is clearly a work of architectural prowess and accomplishment for your delight when you focus to visualize the width and breadth of the distance that the amusement park encompasses. The main attraction is of course the race track. It is excitement beyond ordinary thrills to see the riders bend down and coax their horses to ride away and win the race. These horses are groomed to have the appearance that they are being presented to the public. Their coats of short brown and black hairs shine as they pass the run way markers.

All visitors can feel the pulse and sensation of the muscles moving when the horses gracefully run through the track. The race track is open for all to see the mustang horses at their best on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00am in the morning until 4:00pm in the evening. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the track is open continuously from dawn to dusk or as it is written for 24 hours. At the present time, there is another way of viewing the horse racing. This is also an example of the modern day technological devices which are so helpful in gaming, but, of course, in contrast to the older style of doing things. The modern day computer program of Simulcast allows the viewer to view the races from a place set-up in the adjourning building. The Simulcast allows the person viewing the race to see other races that are being held around the country. At the present time, viewers in Gretna, Florida can view races in Keeneland, Churchill Downs, and Delta Downs.

This adjourning building is not just any ordinary building. The total square feet of this building is 22,000 square feet and placed very methodically on the floor of this building are eighteen poker games. For food, there is one restaurant located in the building. The total concept of horse racing, and gaming, and dining goes back to the Indian’s gaming and horse racing activities in the past. Indians marveled at their skill of horse racing. They played games amongst themselves and with other tribes as a part of their ancestral history. Children were taught to play simple games that we play with children to this day. For instance, something was hidden in one of the child’s hands that were behind his back. The other child had to guess what the item was. The modern day technological devices have enhanced the games, but the cultural and ancestral derivatives are still in place. Without the original ideas for games and the astute horsemanship from the past, there would have not been these wonderful skills and ideas to enlarge up.

Calendars and Events Are All Listed

For Monday, the calendar lists Full House or Better. The game is called free play poker. For Tuesday, there is a marketing promotion for full house doubled. For Wednesday, there is the listing for a full house and the advertisement adds the word better. For Thursday, there is the listing of two gaming options, the Bull’s Eye Bounty or if one wishes to do so, they can participate in the activity which is listed as a Full House or the option of Better. For the next day, Friday’s listing for activities is for the Bull’s Eye Bounty. For Saturday, there is the option to play High Hand. Sunday always has listings for gaming activities too. Tournaments are listed for Sunday and the time is always listed.

Other Gaming Activities

The uniqueness of the horse racing events also includes such games as barrel racing. This is a truly unique skill where the rider has to be able to ride her horse around given and stationary barrels. It is a most exciting event. Not only is the barrel racing a very exciting activity to watch, but it has a uniqueness that is very special. The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association is involved. This organization is the oldest listed sports organization that women have participated in.


One has the option of literally designing his or her own sandwich. The menu idea is listed as Build Your Own Sandwich. It features every different type of bread possible, many choices of cheese, and many choices of delicatessen meats. The restaurant has accessible hours from 10:00am to 12:00am and is open on Friday and Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00am. There is a bar that is open for the guest’s convenience. The hours are listed.

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