Critics Say Ads For Online Gambling Sites Are Degrading To Women

Advertising is a means of informing and attracting public attention concerning a product, service or business, using paid statements circulated by the different mediums: print, broadcast or electronic media. There are some businesses that make shock value the core and the value of advertising campaigns. Some of those businesses, who choose this kind of advertising strategy, are also moralistic and are shocked when an ad is denounced for being offensive, or in bad taste. So the response is, it is immediately pulled from public exposure. That doesn’t seem to be the case concerning online gambling website advertisements.

Advertisements for online gambling websites have been deemed morally reprehensible and offensive because they are extremely anti-feminist and straight out misogynistic. That is because women are used in a degrading way, to depict how gambling can be favorable for the would-be gambler in these ads. As a result, critics are claiming those advertisements are inappropriate, and some action needs to be taken to stop, or at least, curb the subject matter that is being circulated online in the name of promoting online gambling websites. It also seems the advertisements are becoming increasingly degrading to women as time goes on. It should be apparent to the producers of these offensive online gambling website advertisements that the ads are repugnant and in bad taste, and people are becoming increasingly upset by it. But other people’s concerns appear to be ignored and falling on deaf ears, where the advertisers are concerned.

Perhaps it’s because that’s the whole purpose of this kind of advertisement strategy, if it can be called that. Maybe advertisers believe that because the ads are being displayed on the internet, ad campaign can be as offensive as it’s intended to be as the internet is a medium that permits it. Possibly the people responsible for these ads are using sexism and misogyny for the purpose of shock value to attract more gamers to the online gambling websites. It’s apparent that ads promoting online gambling websites have been infiltrating every possible media outlet to distribute the distasteful ads.

Back in February of this year, online gambling site advertisements were being broadcasted on television during primetime programming in which children were seeing these ads and being exposed to the elements of these websites. That was a concern of the UK government and it was agreed that the aggressive television adverts needed to be more restricted. A trend was developing that suggested that it will be inevitable that advertising will get more aggressive, not only on television but also through other media outlets, if something wasn’t done about it.

Apparently, that prediction was correct seeing as how more aggressive this advertising has become, especially on the internet. This concern that critics have against the promotion of online gambling websites, say television schedules have been inundated with aggressive commercials for bingo, online gambling sites and sports betting which are undoubtedly making an impression on children and vulnerable people, and are being encouraged to see gambling as a fun, everyday activity. If viewers are watching sexist or misogynist advertising, it’s possible children are also being influenced to believe that it’s acceptable to disrespect women and mistreat them based on the television ads. It has become impossible to watch any sports event without being lapidated by highly ardent advertising, promoting online gambling sites. Adverts portray gambling as glamorous and an easy, quick way to make money and it’s acceptable that women are being degraded in the process. Children are witnessing this.

Advertising does influence the general public in many ways and it is a part of life, and product marketing, that is impossible to avoid. There are many media outlets that have standards, but then there are some who don’t, when this kind of advertising comes into question. There are people, or organizations, that monitor this kind of activity, like the Responsible Gambling Trust, which is supposed to protect the public from the drivel some advertising companies try to force on the unsuspecting public. There are also regulations and laws that are put in place that are supposed to prevent this alarming kind of advertising from being circulated, also.

The extents that many online gambling websites go to, to guarantee that kind of attention, is over the line when it concerns respectable displays to the public. The gambling industry is visible in many media outlets and it has received a lot of negative attention for the disregard of blatant sexist advertising, among other things, because their methods are upsetting in what it will resort to sell the products. The things the ads reinforce is a ‘sexist culture’ and could possibly influence men to treat women just as disrespectfully as the online gambling websites are, by permitting this kind of promotion by using it.

The defenders of the online gambling website ads claim that it is difficult to correlate this kind of advertising and the impact it has on society and cultural views. That’s because there really isn’t solid evidence that proves any “cause and effect” changes in attitude toward the opposite sexes. The producers of online gambling website adverts aren’t intending to make a negative impact on how the sexes feel toward each other, so there is a lack of feeling responsible for any influencing effects that are caused by the ads. The purpose of this type of advertising is to shock consumers into reaction that will make the product that is being promoted, hard to forget, therefore, influencing potential gamblers to spend money on the advertised online gambling websites.

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  1. Morally, i agree with that kind of ads, why? because in my opninion, gamble is for man. Women doesn’t need to gamble. Because woman emotion are not as stable as man. They think with emotion first instead of logic. So i don’t think not every women must play gamble. Because woman is a mother. They are a pillar of our next generation. If the pillar ruin, how is the fate of our next generation?

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