Customer Service Skills Require Improvement To Stay Afloat

Recently a cable news channel did a one hour special devoted to online gambling and its lucrative nature. It also looked at casinos that run a local establishment and the pros and cons of each. One thing that they mentioned was the fact that so many companies are lacking in good customer service. They stipulated that the companies that are making it big have great customer service departments. They think there is enough evidence to prove that good customer service equals survival. Those companies that want to survive in the online gambling arena need to make sure their customer service departments are in top shape.

Recently an article in the USA today also reiterated what the cable television show did, but it took it one step further. In an effort to get more people to use the internet gambling arena, many credit card companies are using frequent flier miles in the form of casino points. In the olden days, going to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City was a big deal. People could come home with huge boxes of candies and even little ash trays with the casino’s logo proudly printed on it. The rage used to be free drink and buffets that were all a person could eat for around a dollar. Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

Casinos are trying to find a way to attract people, thus using the airlines to gain casino points through their frequent flier program. Casinos are no longer looking to give away tons of free things, but they want to offer their guests a measly offering that brings them back. So many people are concerned about marketing that they are forgetting the one thing that is so important, customer service. While these marketing methods have worked in the US for decades, things are about to get real interesting, real quick.

The online gambling world hasn’t really taken off in America as it has in other countries. But that will soon change. The real problem will be these casinos that have a physical establishment. Because now they really have no one to compete with for customers, other than the local guy down the street. However, when the online gambling world is opened up, it is possible that many of these establishments with lackluster customer service and poor offerings will find themselves in bankruptcy court.

Perhaps the recent announcement of a famous hotel in Atlantic City filing for bankruptcy is the first in a string of many to come. A business either has to compete on their price or on their services. Some casinos think that simply by beefing up service it will fix their problems, but this won’t be good enough. They are going to have to take service to a whole new level. They need to develop their people and train them so that they understand every aspect of a functional casino. There will always be gimmicks and ploys to get new customers, but the customers will come and go.

When the online gaming industry takes off in America, there is going to be many establishments that are facing a financial meltdown. Online communities offer great promotions, give the player the opportunity to play from home, and there are no crowds to fight. To survive in the casino industry, those who are not online must have amped up customer service to have a prayer of staying afloat.

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  1. I Agree that those company that want to survive in online gambling bussines need to improve and strengthen their Customer Service Department. An Advice from me is still keep in touch with Customer, frequently call or contact Customer and always offer a special price etc,so that customer will be impressed and surely they will be back to Casino.

  2. Human nature is fulfill with the need to be serve. One of the differrent betwen human and animals are human is so fragile so they need a good care. Thats way we see a words “to protect and to serve” at the policeman vehicle. I can sure you, if someone doesnt treat and serve us well, we’ll leave them. That simple.

  3. Carnegie once said, treat costumer like they are king.. they’ll comeback again and again..

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