Cyprus Wants Investors To Compete For A Gaming License

Cyprus is an ancient island mentioned in the oldest scriptures in the world. The Hebrew and Christian Bibles mention Cyprus, and Cypriots have changed the course of human history many times. This beautiful island was host to a resistance in World II, and that resistance was able to hide Jews on a beautiful stone peak. The history and tradition of Cyprus have been untouched by many modern developments, but this gorgeous Mediterranean island will host its first casino in the near future. Cyprus does not want to give away its first casino, and investors have been invited to compete for prime real estate.

Cyprus is using its leverage in the casino industry to create real competition for a gaming license. Cities around the world are pushing for casinos to be built immediately, but Cyprus is new to the industry. Anyone who wants to build in Cyprus must meet the demands of the government, and the Cypriat government is creating parameters that all suitors must meet. The government of this tiny island nation will make a mint with this competition, and their island will become a beautiful vacation destination for millions of Europeans every year.

The Competition

The competition started by the government in Cyprus focuses on the parameters that must be met for a new building to go up. A large casino in Cyprus will receive an exclusive gaming license from the government, and that developer will be able to build other projects on the island with government approval. The Cypriat government is concerned about the design of the casino, where the casino will rest, environmental impact, revenues and traffic.

Cyprus is a small nation that must be very careful with the land it has, and the casino brokers who move into Cyprus will need to meet many standards to win the license. Each investor has been encouraged to create a profile that is unique, honors the island’s history and helps tourists arrive on the island safely.

The Guidelines

The guidelines created by the government in Nicosia are designed to help create a casino plan that requires very little adjustment. The government is prepared to zone a new site properly, but the developer must come in with a plan that is worth developing. The Cypriats are expected to see up to 15 proposals, and their panel will come to a decision about six weeks after all proposals have come in.

The casino is to have a luxury casino floor, a luxury hotel, restaurant, shopping and attractions that are on-par with the finest casinos in the world. Cyprus plans to allow just one casino, and their government wants to see a casino that would fit in anywhere in the world. The best casino proposal will win the gaming license, and the government will allow that developer to begin applying for permits for their construction.


The country sees 14% of its GDP coming from tourism today, but experts have told the Cypriats that their tourism will jump several percent when the casino opens, and the casino will bring people from all over Europe to their small island. The airport on the island will be much busier, and the ferries that come to the island will pick up their pace. More ferries may need to be added, and the developer may be asked to help pay for infrastructure improvements.

The tourists who come to Cyprus currently are Europeans who want to get away for a few days, but people will start coming to the island for just a few days to relax. The casino makes the island accessible, and the people who are traveling to Cyprus on short trips will have something to do before they go home.

The government will make money on taxes and fees for hotel rooms, shopping and casino winnings. The project will provide property taxes for the government, and the profile of the island will increase with an amazing casino. Casino operators from around the world are landing in Cyprus to ask the government for a bit of consideration.

Who Wants To Build The Casino?

The most prominent casino developers in the world are based in Las Vegas, and representatives from MGM and other developers have made their way to the island to make their case. The developer who builds the casino will likely come from Las Vegas, and Cyprus will get the sort of casino it is looking for. The styling of the casino will fit in on the amazing coastline of this beautiful island nation, but the locals who live on the interior of the island will meet new travelers who came to see the casino.

Who Will Win?

No one is sure who will win the contract for the new casino. There is only gaming license to win for the developers who want to build on Cyprus, and the winner will be announced the moment the winner has been decided. Construction on the casino will take a few years, but there will be an amazing vacation destination on the island that will attract people from all over the world. Building a casino on the coast of Cyprus will be a boon for one developer, and that developer will lovely attract other developers who are willing to beg for another gaming license.

Cyprus may easily turn itself into a gambler’s paradise when their new casino goes up. There new casino is a gem in the crown of an island nation known for its progressive politics, beautiful landscapes and amazing coasts. You may travel to Cyprus one day to visit a casino that looks as if it was pulled from the Strip in Las Vegas and dropped on the coast for everyone to see.

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