Daily Fantasy Football Under Scrutiny over Legal Issues

There is a lot of debate as to whether or not putting a wager down on combination of NFL players is gambling or not. Some people believe that it is in fact gambling. However, the league and other people state that it is in fact not gambling. One reason that some people would consider playing in Daily Fantasy as gambling is because it involves placing down money in the hopes of a certain result and making a greater amount of money in the case of that result. People could also lose money. Perhaps this is why it is under scrutiny as gambling when a lot of people claim that it is not.

One thing that is bringing up this issue is that there are many owners of Las Vegas Casinos and sports books that feel subjected to a double standard. This is understandable because no one likes having to deal with double standards. When one person is being singled out and acted against for a certain activity while another person does something that is very similar, that can cause one to want to raise questions or point out how unfair it is. This is what is causing casinos and sports books to want to address this. For one thing, most states ban traditional sports betting. However, daily fantasy sports is given more freedom.

The point that is made by Joe Asher is that both traditional sports betting and daily fantasy sports should be legal because people love betting on sports. Along with being legal, they should also be subject to regulations and taxation. However, the fantasy industry notes that it is already legal and actually talks against there being any regulations if it is labeled as “gambling. Casinos are trying to be distanced from the word gambling as well, opting to use the word “gaming” instead to describe the activities being hosted.

Another thing that the daily fantasy industry uses in its defense is the 2006 law which is known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This particular law has made an exception for fantasy sports. This was put in place before any thought about running daily games to go along with the week long games or the type of games that lasted all season. Yahoo and CBS sports has used this exception for running their fantasy sports activities.

One of the advantages to the exclusion of fantasy sports from online gambling is that sites like FanDuel are not illegal at all. However, according to FanDuel, there are certain states that it stays away from due to the fact that the laws are not all that clear on whether or not sites like that are tolerated. There is also skepticism from legal analysts and regulators due to the laws that govern gambling. These laws have left the casinos on the outside looking in. There is a willingness to participate in fantasy sports, but there is a lot of money that is going to be risked by casinos that are under tons of regulations. Even in New Jersey, where casinos have been allowed to do fantasy sports, there has been no initiative taken.

According to some regulators, the exception issue is rather tricky. For one thing, if the state says that fantasy sports betting is illegal, then fantasy companies are not going to be able to take part in the activity. Also, the federal law deals with payment processing online in order to handle sports betting over the Internet. With this approach, a little room is left for the functioning of fantasy sports.

A recent statement was made by DraftKings and FanDuel that the respective sites are not The statement talked about the meetings with representatives of the gaming industry in order to reveal that these games are based on skill. Therefore, there is a difference between fantasy sports and casinos. However, there are some that would say that some games that are played in casinos with bets are based on skill.

One statement made has emphasized the skill aspect of the game. The statement is that players win through good choices about the fantasy team. This involves a lot of research and study on the skills, strengths and weaknesses of each player. In order to win, one needs to have extensive knowledge about the sport. However, sports books owners do not consider that reasoning to be any different than what is being done with sports books. Johnny Avello is an advocate for legalizing every form of gaming because sports books are also based on skill. All that is involved is that players get to choose from the two teams that he himself has picked out.

There is often a lot of controversy when it comes to gambling in general. Daily Fantasy Sports is definitely getting a lot of discussion lately as to whether or not to keep it legal or to make it illegal. It is a common activity shared by people of all walks of life. People talk about this kind of activity as well. With the right amount of skill and research, one could earn himself a fortune from fantasy football.

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  1. Thank you @admin for this review of Daily Fantasy Football Leagues. I myself question the skill vs non-skill aspect of Fantasy League’s as they place a wager on a particular outcome. It is no different than going to a online or land based casino and placing a wager on a particular outcome.

    That is the same thing that happened in the Poker Industry as Legal authorities claimed that Poker was not a skilled game. And that by playing a player was betting on the outcome of the game. But that ruling was overturned because a Poker player can manipulate the outcome of a game with betting habits and skills for that level.

    But regardless of that Daily Fantasy Football Leagues or any form of Fantasy League should be constituted as Gambling. I my opinion all they are doing is placing money on a particular outcome to win more. And that is considered to be betting.

  2. I don’t know why most people say that it is not gambling. But, according to me, it is gambling; as @ardodd said too.
    I will also agree with Joe Asher statement. All these games should be legalized for betting for both online and offline.
    Can anybody explain what are skill based betting games ?

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