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There is a lot of controversy over things that are legal and illegal. Many are coming to the libertarian view that consenting adults should be permitted to do anything that they would like, even if it could lead to harmful behavior. This extends even to the use of marijuana, illicit drugs, and of course, online gambling. Online gambling has been technically illegal in many regions across the United States, though practiced and maintained at casinos that are technically not located on American soil. With the libertarian influence, that may begin to change. In Deadwood, South Dakota, a few former Attorney Generals discussed whether online gambling should be legitimatized. Several considerations were discussed.

Pro: Boost The Economy
Legitimate businesses are the backbone of the economy. That is why officials are always pleased to have talented real estate moguls come to their city. Real estate means more business, which means more taxed revenue, which will ultimately lead to a greater and more prosperous future for the city. If online gambling were legitimatized, the financial results would be enormous and would continue throughout the years. Websites and mobile apps would become more sophisticated, resulting in more players, more revenue, and a stronger economy.

Pro: The People Want Legalized Gambling
The issue of legalized gambling is generally not a concern for anybody aside from individuals who are involved in government, or those who enjoy online gambling. If somebody does not enjoy online gambling, then those people probably do not care about whether it is legal. Accordingly, the groups who would bother voicing concerns about this will generally be those who are in favor of legalization. If these individuals are not in favor, then indifference could be anticipated. There are very few individuals who are morally opposed to legalized online gambling. It is not really a significant issue. People want to be able to gamble legally.

Pro: Reduce Crime

There are far too many individuals who have been convicted of non-violent crimes that do not matter too much. Prisons are filled with individuals who might have had a gambling or a drug addiction. The police are restricted against conducting legitimate law enforcement operations precisely because they are too busy with this sort of nonsense. Nationwide crime rates would be diminished if gambling were legalized because those who would otherwise be arrested would be conducting their gambling within the confines of the law.

Con: Fewer Jobs
While one may be tempted to say that the legalization of online gambling could harm the economy, it could also cost a lot of jobs. If online gambling were legalized, people would be far less likely to go out to the casino. They go to the casino because they want to win money. Many may still go out for the atmosphere. But regular customers who visit casinos will no longer feel compelled to go out on a regular basis. Casinos will lose a significant number of their customers. Hotels will close. Jobs will be lost. That is why several of the Andy Abboud, the Las Vegas Sands Senior Vice President of Governmental Relations was opposed to the legalization. Many of the businesses in Vegas would be put out of business.

Con: It Is An Addiction
When something that is known to have such addictive qualities is offered for the general public, people do begin to develop problems. Individuals who have addictive or compulsive personalities will spend far too much time and money when they are gambling online. The instant access (not offered by the casino) could make it much more deadly. Some will gamble themselves into financial ruin. Of course, one could mount the counter-argue that these individuals are adults who make their own decision. But even with that being the case, things are often made illegal as a result of their potential harm. Drugs would be one example. The government is trying to maintain a stable society of thinking men and women. That necessitates that some things will have to be illegal.

The discussion about the legalization of online gambling is an important one that will continue to develop in coming years. There are powerful and important individuals on both sides of the argument.