Delaware Online Gambling Law

The state of Delaware are trailblazers in online casinos being the first state to pass legislation permitting online gambling. In June 2012, the governor signed into law the Gaming Competitiveness Act, which covers a range of online gambling options. Delaware has not been too keen on gambling, but the state decided to launch online casinos to the amazement of many interested players. Amendments to titles 4 and 29 of the Delaware code made various forms of online gambling lawful.

Legalities of Delaware Online Casinos

The law significantly improves how the lottery is being offered in Delaware. Also, video gambling is permitted and available in the online casinos. Although, there were questions regarding how the Wire Act of 1961 affected online casinos; The United States Department of Justice determined the Wire Act only applied to sports betting. Online gambling is overseen by the Delaware Lottery Commission. The Competitiveness Act of 2012 legalized games such as online poker, lottery games, and casino games. The Act of 2012, only allows players to be within the state’s border lines. So, a resident of Delaware that may be temporarily located in another state wouldn’t be authorized to participate in the online casino games. Someone residing in another state who is interested in using Delaware’s online casino can drive to the state and partake in the various games.

To ensure players in Delaware are only playing with other authorized players the state began utilizing geolocation software, which allows people in Delaware to play against each other based on federal regulations. The law is flexible in that, if other states acquire their online casino, deals can be developed that allows players to play against each other.

Interstate Agreement between Delaware and Nevada

More recently, the governors of Delaware and Nevada made history by signing an interstate agreement, which allow residents from each state to play against each other. Currently, the only game Nevada residents can play against Delaware residents is online poker, but the agreement allows additional games in the future. The agreement will also consent to other states joining, and players would be members of a multi-state online gaming association.

Even though, other states can join the agreement, all game play will be overseen by a limited liability company in Delaware that will have governing board members from each other state that join the agreement. The possibilities are endless for Delaware, Nevada, and future states that join the agreement. Other states that come onboard will have to meet minimal regulatory standards and expectations to become involved, but each state will have the authority to regulate online gambling in accordance with their state laws.



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