Deuces and Joker Poker

deuces-and-jokerDeuces and Joker is a classic video poker game that poker enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. The primary goal of Deuces and Joker is to achieve the highest hand you can get. Jokers and deuces alike serve as wild cards in the game. Players can employ these wild cards to replace others and therefore make better hands. Jokers and deuces in this video poker game also have the distinction of being the best paying icons. Deuces and Joker’s maximum payout is a whopping 10,000 coins. You get this maximum payout if you receive a joker and four deuces.


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When you play Deuces and Joker, you can choose to play with just one or five hands at a single time. You can also choose to play with as many as 10, 25 or 50 hands. Remember, it all depends on your specific playing preferences.

When you begin playing this video poker game, you first pick out your desired coin size. Then, you specify the exact amount of coins you’d like to bet. Finally, you hit “deal” on the screen. Once you’re dealt a single hand, you can specify the exact cards you want to keep. After this, you must hit draw. Then you’ll get new cards for all of the choices you opted to dismiss. Lastly, you’re given a payout for the best hand that can be created using all of your cards. A gambling feature is available in Deuces and Joker. When you play this feature, you can decide to go “double or nil” when you get paid.

If you find it tiresome to have to constantly hit “draw” when you play Deuces and Joker, you can speed up the process a little bit. If you go for the game’s convenient “Turbo” feature, it will enable you to bypass this specific component of Deuces and Joker.

Many players adore Deuces and Joker because of the many dazzling combinations and choices. This five-card draw game is also beloved because of its many similarities to standard poker games. If you love standard poker but wish to introduce a little extra excitement to your games, then you might want to start playing Deuces and Joker.

While a joker and four deuces on the screen undoubtedly gives players the greatest jackpots, other combinations can also lead to amazing winnings. If you get a natural royal flush, for example, you can receive the jaw-dropping award of 4,000 coins. If you get four deuces, you can win 125 coins. Simple three of a kind wins are smaller and much more modest. If you get three of a kind, you can expect to rake in 5 coins. Straights and flushes also produce modest wins for winners.

If you feel like having a blast playing video poker, then Deuces and Joker could be the finest game choice for you out there. If you play Deuces and Joker, you might even be fortunate enough to win a straight flush (250 coin win), a wild royal flush (60 coin win) or the aforementioned four deuces and a joker.


  1. Deuces and Joker’s maximum payout is a whopping 10,000 coins. That’s super cool!

  2. I have spent around a hour playing and have just completely enjoyed myself.

    I would hope to one day be able to play the real money game as I know that this is how you make money for the website. And I feel bad that I can not afford to play for real money at this time.

    I do enjoy spending time on OC and I enjoy these games you have provided.

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