Developer Plans on Building Casino In Woodbury, New York

Caesars Entertainment is planning on building an $800 million dollar casino right outside of New York City. The plan is for a multiple hotels, casinos, and restaurants to be built in the town of Woodbury, New York. The location is familiar to many people who visit New York because of the famous shopping outlet located there.

Why Woodbury?

Woodbury Commons is one of the most popular destinations in the New York City area. It is the most famous shopping outlet in the New York area. Tour busses run every hour from Midtown Manhattan to Woodbury Commons. Many people travel from New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island just to shop at the outlet. The location is ideal for people coming from different directions. This was one of the factors that helped Caesars decide on the location.

Unlike some of the other proposed locations, the town of Woodbury has a twenty-year history of attracting and maintaining interest from the Tri-State region. New York State had a ballot initiative that called for several casinos to be built in the next few years. There were many locations that were vying for the spot. The most lucrative location would be the one closet to New York City.

Special attention was given to the Catskills area. This is an area north of New York City that has a history of hotels and resorts. However, critics of the area said it was too far from New York City. There was also the issue of an absence of infrastructure. A major casino would want an existing infrastructure that was already experienced with dealing with large numbers of tourists.

Woodbury fit the bill. It is less than 1 hour outside of Manhattan. It is easily accessible from the New York State Thruway. It right near a major New Jersey interstate. The town has dealt with huge crowds for more than two decades. Thousands of shoppers converge on the town every weekend and it is always pleasant.

How Will Woodbury Benefit?

The casino is expected to bring millions in revenue to Woodbury. The construction of the casino and hotels are the first step. This will bring hundreds of construction jobs to the area. Once the casino and hotels are built, there will be hundreds of full time jobs for residents of the area.

Additionally, the Casino has agreed to pay the town $1 million dollars for a minimum of four years. The town can do whatever it sees fit with the money. This, combined with the additional income from taxes, has made the deal very attractive to residents

The experts estimate that the casino would generate at least $20 million a year in revenue for the town in the form of taxes. This would be a tremendous financial benefit to the area.

What Type Of Casino Will Be Built?

The plan is for a large, Las Vegas or Atlantic City style casino to be built. The surrounding area would also have hotels, restaurants, and everything one normally associates with major casinos. Caesars has said that they plan on building casino that is large enough have over 2,700 slot machines, 50 poker tables, and 200 table games. There will be a major resort hotel with 300 luxury suites.

This is fantastic news for anyone who lives in New York City or the surrounding area. The closet casinos to New York City are located close to three hours away in either Connecticut or New Jersey. Many people have said that the distance is simply too much to travel.

Atlantic City has one of the best poker rooms in the country. It is called The Borgata. However, it is a long drive from New York. If you take a bus it is about three hours. There are no trains there. The alternative is to travel to Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods, but these are also very far away and only accessible by bus. Most poker players also find the casinos in Connecticut uninspiring and not a good place to play. The casino that will be built in Woodbury will be accessible by train, bus and bar. It is going to be extremely simple to get there.

How Many Visitors Does The Casino Expect?

The experts that have prepared the report suggest that over 10 million people will visit the casino. There are already 13 million people a year who visit the outlet shopping center. Some experts in the gambling world think that the casino would draw far more people. They say that the report is not factoring in the people who will drive to Woodbury instead of Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods.

Many believe that people will drive farther in order to visit a casino then they will to shop. If this is true, then the estimates at 10 million visitors a year is low. The casino might very well draw people from Northern New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Upstate New York and New York City. If that is the case, the numbers might reach 15-20 million a year.

What Does This Mean For Online Poker?

The next step is for New York State to legalize online poker. New Jersey has already made it legal for anyone who comes to New Jersey to play casino games online. It is likely that once New York has multiple casinos up and running, legislation will be passed and online poker will be available.

It is likely that Caesars has this already considered this. They are operating online poker rooms in Nevada and New Jersey. Once they have a land based casino in New York State it is likely that they will push for legislation that will allow them to offer online poker.

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