Diamond Temple Slot

diamond-templePlayers can choose to play the classic single center line or up to 19 other line combinations, ranging from straight upper or lower lines to V patterns, from checkerboard patterns to double line patterns. Players can choose the lines they play simply by clicking “Select Lines” and clicking on the corresponding number of lines they wish to play – click the 7 to play the first seven lines, click the 16 to play the first 16 lines, and so forth. The pay table shows the lines and their patterns.


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Spin five reels filled with fedoras, golden masks, temples and more. Match symbols to win coins, but be on the lookout for Scatter icons on the reels that help players complete lines. Multiple Scatter icons of Jenny Nevada trigger free spins with a 4x multiplier. Three scatter icons give ten free spins, four icons produce 20 free spins, and five icons generate 50 free spins. Reels spin through free spins automatically once players click “Go.” If additional icons give a player more free spins, the additional spins are added to their tally and the game cycles through the total number of spins. The tally also shows players their total winnings for their free spins.

Looking for an extra way to play? When the reels line up three or more Biplane icons in the played line, players are taken into the Diamond Temple Bonus Round. In this round, players can venture inside the Diamond Temple. They are instructed to find hidden doors that will allow them to venture deeper into the temple. Along the way, players can earn points by collecting tools, artifacts and diamonds. But players should be on guard at all times – booby traps end their Bonus Round adventure immediately. The total points earned in a player’s Bonus Round are converted into a dollar amount and added to the player’s winnings once the Bonus Round is over.

To play, players can select the number of coins they want to bet and the lines they want to play and click “Spin.” Or players can bet the max to play all 20 lines, for a total bet of 10 coins. Players can change the denomination of coin from $.01 to $.25. Smaller bets may feel more comfortable as players watch their bank total change, but bigger denominations lead to bigger payouts, especially if a player plays and wins multiple lines.

If you’re ready for a big adventure with an even bigger payout, play Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple video slot machine.

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  1. I like it… nice graphic, good ambience, simply like we’re on different realm, I try so hard to made a v pattern, perhaps next time i’ll get it

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