Diamonds Downunder Slot

diamonds-downunder Explore the hidden treasures found in abandoned mines to unlock unparalleled riches in the exciting slot game, Diamonds Downunder. With surprisingly realistic graphics and audio tracks, users quickly forget they’re home and expect a cocktail waitress to soon be asking, “Whatdya want, honey?” Upon first glance, this seems to be a oridinary slot machine game; however, as you progress through the layers of appealing graphics and seamless gameplay it’s obvious this is no ordinary digital slot machine.

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Game Setup

What great slot machine doesn’t have a storyline to propel and engage users? Diamonds Downunder satisfies the need of interactive stories and characters by establishing game theme at the very beginning. Upon activation, a quick animated video sets the scene. An Outback explorer traversing the harsh Australian wilderness comes across an abandoned mine. Staring down the dark shaft, the introduction ends and the game officially begins.

The very cute, and very Australian, intro impresses with its high-quality graphics and enjoyable soundtrack. It’s long enough to provide fun details while short enough to prevent gamers from getting bored. Don’t worry, you can skip the intro if you wish.

Game Experience

Once the game loads, the interface and graphics appear just as they would on the casino floor. This Australian-themed games continues with its theme with sounds familiar to the Outback. Insects and light music led by a Didgeridoo play softly in the background. While the soundtrack is relatively short, its looping action goes on unnoticeable, which prevent hiccups in gameplay.

Slot icons are cute and, of course, Australian themed. The following icons are used to create winning patterns and to unlock secret levels (and bonus spins):

Beer Can
Street Signs
Pick Axe
Aboriginal Hunter

As stated earlier, matching certain icons unlocks secret games and multipliers. For example, matching three Outdoorsman awards free spins while matching three or more maps unlocks a game. This particular game opens a map where you must click locations where you think diamonds are located. If you find a diamond, get ready for big winnings!

Now back to the layout of Diamonds Downunder. Game options and buttons are clearly identifiable. First-time players enjoy the ease and simplicity of gameplay. While gamers have the option to play with real money, those playing for fun are given $2,000 to bet at their leisure. Even through the money isn’t real, the excitement of winning big still sends chills down your spine.

Found next to the bank account is the “winnings display.” This cute and functional icon displays how much you won during the last spin; however, this information is also found next to winning icons. Although the slot interface features a myriad of icons and informational buttons, its layout is surprisingly clean and never comes across as “busy.”

If you’re looking for an immersive slot experience within the comforts of your home, then Diamonds Downunder is your answer. Experience the thrill and anticipation of a casino without having to change out of your pajamas!

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