Diners Credit Card Introduction & Review

diners-cardBack before the concept of credit cards was known to the general public, Diners Club was being formulated in a small restaurant in New York City. The idea came about because of a forgotten wallet and an embarrassing situation. The thought was to conceive of a way of paying for goods or services without the need for cash on hand. It was at that particular time that Frank McNamara, one of the founders of Diners Club International in 1950, started a revolution in personal finance and credit. Diners Club came into the world as we know it.

Diners Club started out with less than 30 participating establishments, entirely restaurants, and just 200 card holders, almost entirely friends and relatives of the founders. What happened next was the foundation of contemporary credit. In less than 15 years, Diners Club had nearly a million and a half cardholders and thirty years later was acquired by Citigroup. What started as the first credit card company in the world soon evolved into a credit corporation that catered to affluence and wealth. And that is where the company stands today.

For those individuals who have worked hard to achieve their success and want to take advantage of their superior financial position in the world, Diners Club is the consumer credit company they turn to. The Diners Club card still is the foundation for premiere card holder perks. There are two options available, the Diners Club Premiere Card and the Diners Club Elite Card. With the premiere card, holders are afforded the luxury of a Personal Assistant service which helps customers secure dinner reservations, tee times, spa sessions and more. Premiere card holders also have access to comfortable, top notch airport lounges across the globe. As is the norm these days, customers are also eligible for a rewards program, rental car discounts and cash at millions of participating ATMs. For holders of the Elite card, all the same benefits apply. Personal Assistant service, airport lounges, ATMs are all included but with the added benefit of three times the reward points on certain purchases. In addition to all these perks, customer also enjoy roadside assistance, baggage delay and lost or damaged insurance as well as travel accident insurance and much, much more. For those that have finally arrived, Diners Club is the card of choice.

Diners Club also offers card options for professionals. The standard Diners Club card offers cardholders all the benefits of travel, insurance, cash and other perks, but this card is broken down into a charge card and a credit card. Whereas Diners Club is mostly known as a charge card (the balance is required to be paid in full each month), the credit card portion allows customers to carry a balance. Carte Blanche membership is one of Diners Club’s top of the line cards to own. It is intended to be extended to only the most seasoned travelers. Added benefits of the Carte Blanche card includes emergency medical, legal and travel referrals around the clock. Carte Blanche cardholders can acquire medical transportation, health advice and locate doctors and pharmacies with ease while abroad. Purchases made with the card are also insured against theft and damage for up to 90 days. This premiere card also extends US warranties by up to a year for certain purchases. As noted by the company, if the consumer realizes the journey is the destination, then they belong with Diners Club.

While Diners Club has many cards that cater to individuals, the company also extends options to corporations and businesses. Top companies these days generally have extensive travel and expense programs that need to be managed well by both the company’s workforce as well as the vendor they use for these expenses. Along with all the benefits that have become commonplace with the consumer cards, the corporate card line is a perfect partner in business. Benefits of using Diners Club include cutting edge technology so the expenses of large numbers of employees can be easily accessed and tracked. Spend control measures ensure corporate budget requirements are strictly adhered to, which is an enormous pain point among travel program managers. Corporate card accounts come with top of the line customer service to serve as not only a vendor but a corporate partner to all business customers.

While there are many choices out there for charge and credit cards, the original is always the best. Serving seasoned travelers and the affluent niche market for over 60 years, Diners Club continues to offer some of the best benefits and perks of any cardholder program. When second best won’t do for the individual and when corporations need a partner as opposed to a commodity when it comes to their travel and expense programs, the clear choice is now and always has been Diners Club.

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  1. Thank you @admin for this excellent review. The
    DINERS CLUB card is very prestigious and well worth the money you save with it.
    There lots of advantages to owning a card like this. Thanks for introducing me to this card.

  2. The dinners club, is one of high class and prestigious payment methods that i know. Its like people will know “who you really are” if you have it.

  3. surely owning a diners club card does not only have the benefit of being a status symbol, it also gives other monetary benefits while using card during transactions.
    thank you for the information admin.

    • The unlimited feature from dinners club, privide a great number of cash, that people can use to buy luxury car, spent a night in a diamond class hotel, and pay an expensive golf club membership cost. I hope someday i’ll have it

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