Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub, Central City – Colorado

Location of Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub in Central City, Colorado

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Dostal Alley Casino – Colorado, United States

Dostal Alley Casino is a family owned casino that offers guests truly enjoyable moments. Visitors are treated to fine food and great beer at the establishment’s restaurant and brewpub, while having fun at the rewarding casino slots and video poker machines. Dostal Alley Casino opened its doors to the public in 1991; the establishment stands out as one of the first casinos to be established in Central City. The casino is strategically located on the corner of Main and Gregory Streets. Central City is home to a number of attractions including Central City Opera House and the Teller House. Dostal Alley casino was opened after the approval of constitutional amendments to allowed gambling in three Colorado towns. The management of Dostal Alley Casino stands proud in the fact that this casino is the first one in Colorado to turn twenty years, after a few competitors that were left, closed down. The last breweries to shutdown were Peak to Peak Brewer in Mid County in 1998 and Stamm Brewer in Central City much earlier.

Dostal Alley Casino began from very humble beginnings in 1958. During that time, Philip and Ruth Schmaltz began a small Rock Shop in Central City, for selling items like exquisite gems and priceless gems. Philip and Ruth Schmaltz later handed the management of the shop to their son and daughter in law, Bruce and Sandy. Bruce Schmaltz formally began operating the shop in 1972. In the coming years, Bruce and Sandy saw the need to expand into the casino business, and that is where the idea to start Dostal Ally Casino was born. Rock Shop was later converted into an upstairs brewer and bar, while most of the business focus went into operating the casino. Dostal Alley Microbrewery is now a famous name, when it comes to hand crafted beers. The master brewers at Dostal Alley are none other than brewmaster Buddy Schmaltz and Dave Thomas, a brewing Emeritus. These two Brewster’s are distinguished award winners at the American Beer Festival.

The establishment’s casino operates all the days of the week from 10:00am to 2:00am. The casino’s gaming space is a sizable 4,000 square foot and features more than 60 gambling machines. Although comparatively small, the quant casino is a preferred gambling destination for countless number of people who visit the locale every day. The other notable aspect that makes the casino even more enticing to the crowds is the big difference the casino staff makes in defining customer service experience. The Dostal Alley casino staffs are both customer friendly and steadfast. The games on offer at the casino are designed to cater to clients of all budgets; from high end gamblers to low spenders. The slots available include Video Pokers, Penny Slots, Nickel slot, Quarter slots and Dollar slots. The maximum bet allowed at the casino floor is $100 and the minimum age restriction for playing guests is capped at 21 years. Dostal Alley Casino is yet to introduce table games.

Aside from the casino, the brewpub at Dostal Alley Casino has been in existence since 1997. Prior to its inception, Bruce and Buddy Schwartz attended a brewer’s conference in Seattle, WA, where they went to learn more about the equipment’s needed to start a small brewing business. The initial investment in the brewery included a 2 barrel brewing system. In 2006 the brewer was upgraded by replacing the 2 barrel brewing system with a larger 7 barrel brewing system to keep up with the growing demand. One interesting thing about the brewery is the verity that the brewery uses homegrown hops found around Central City to make its well mastered beers. Hop growing in Central city began at the turn of the 20th century; for instance, unknown varieties of the Humulus hop vine have been regenerating naturally in the Gilpin County area for the last 150 years. Most of these hops have since turned wild, making for an even finer brewing selection.

Dostal Alley Casino microbrewery offers an array of drinks to replenish everyone’s thirst. The wide selection of drinks on offer includes domestic beers, wine, spirits and liquor, as well as an array of Dostal Alley Microbrews. The Dostal Alley branded brews includes names like Gilpin Gold-IPA, Pub Ale-English bitter and 1874 Smokes Porter beer. On the other hand, the domestic beers on offer are the popular Corona, Coors Original and Coors light beers. You will also get to enjoy variety of wines including Pinogrision and Merlot. Dostal Alley Casino bar offers its patrons full bar service. The menu served at Dostal Alley is ostensibly, an authentic Italian cuisine. The dishes range from the famous mountain pizza to an assortment of calzones. The food is specifically designed to complete your day or night out at the casino. The rich menu of homemade meals and drinks comprises root beer, pizza, beer, delicious sandwiches, fresh salads, calzones and appetizers.

All the main dishes on offer at the brewpub come in several trims; for example, you can order a one item pizza or a house pizza that contains mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, peers or green pepper. Pizza is served in small, medium and large sizes. The rich menu of appetizers includes chicken wings, bread stocks, and garlic bread. On the other hand, the aromatic selection of desserts includes great tasting pies and root beer floats. On the whole, Dostal Alley restaurant is a major feeding and watering hole in Central City that caters for many guests visiting town; whether you are coming from Cripple Creek, Black Hawk or far afield. The two floor casino has always been the preferred local joint in as far as gambling and dining are concerned. Dostal Alley Casino brewery stands as the only operating brewery in Gilpin County and the best joint in town to catch light beer, brown ale, stout and everything in between. A visit to the now famous Dostal Alley Casino is never complete, without check in to play a set of newly installed multi-game video poker and slot machines.

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