Escape Artist is the New Video Slot from Genesis Gaming

Video slots are extremely popular for a host of different reasons. The notion that a player can win a lot of money on a game that is relatively simple to play certainly fuels a lot of interest. Winning money at video slots is surely the top reason why people are attracted to the games. There is something else that draws in interest: the particular theme of the game. If themes were not important, then video slots would look like the old Pong game of 1976. The screens would be monochrome and, as long as the symbols are easy to decipher, then all is fine. The continual array of new games being developed for video slot fans shows the players do have an affinity for uniquely crafted, interest themes. The designers at Genesis Gaming are well aware of these sentiments. The company is releasing what may be its finest new release, the slot game Escape Artist.

Playing Escape Artist requires becoming a patron at the Unibet Casino since the deal in place is the release will be an exclusive one. If Escape Artist turns out to be very popular, the casino ends up with a nice boost in business. Genesis Gaming might experience the same as the company will have further established its reputation as a producer of top-notch casino games.

The game is coming out in the form of a “Triple Play” release. That means there are going to be three specific formats in which the debuting game can be played on. A Flash version for desktops and laptops is one. The other utilizes HTML5 for mobile devices. Then, there is a Spin City application format for users of iOS and Android. The Spin City version, however, is not going to be released at the same time as the other two. The Spin City version will debut some time in the coming weeks.

The theme of the game is quite interesting. In addition to focusing on the titular “Escape Artist” theme, there is a supernatural horror element present. The game revolves around the adventures of Larry Linguini, a magician of little notoriety who sells his sold to the devil. Now, he is the greatest escape artist in the world. Houdini is a distant second. Unfortunately, Larry Linguini soon realizes a deal with the devil is never a bargain. All this intrigue then plays out of the course of a five reel and impressive 50 line video slot game.

No, the game is not a roleplaying adventure. It is still a classic video slot game. The brilliant theme to the game does help make for an interesting spin that combines action, mystery, horror, and adventure into a tremendous package.

Beyond the theme of the game, there are the unique features that make playing Escape Artist more appealing than another new game or, for that matte, a tried and true favorite. The presence of three or more scatters on the screen yields a very desirable result. A free spins bonus arrives and it presents stacked wilds. Larry Linguini returns in grand form as this occurs. His tank appears and the great escape artist has to remove himself from a very tough situation. To do so, he must slide away which, in turn, brings wilds to the reels. Sounds like a really fun and exciting game.

While the free spin session takes place, another opportunity arises. If three or more scatters emerge, more free spins are delivered. Specifically, there will be about ten free spins presented to those lucky enough to draw the aforementioned three or more scatters during the free spins.

All of this does pay out masterfully on the screen. A tremendous amount of work went into crafting the design and animation that allows Escape Artist to rise above so many other games on the video slot landscape.

The visuals and auditory components to the game are incredibly important to those who love the entertainment value of video slots. Yes, the payoffs associated with playing video slots are important. People who are wagering their money do want to win and, hopefully, win a substantial amount. The game does need to possess sights and sounds that are exciting because, without them, even those games with great payoffs become a little too dull to play. No one can win if no one is playing.

As the saying goes, money is not the be all, end all. Many do enjoy playing for fun. (The scatters and wilds in the game do boost the potential to win a decent payoff though) Playing Escape Artist definitely have the potential to be a really fun time.

Those who find their playing sessions with a slot game are going to find the experience rewarding. This is why unique designers are always in demand. Genesis Gaming definitely falls under the category of a gaming company that consistently does deliver unique themes and engaging slots. Escape Artist continues that tradition.

Once Escape Artist is released, fans of video slot gaming should give it a try. Perhaps the session could turn out to be a lucrative one if it leads to a big win streak.

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