European Roulette

european-rouletteA European roulette wheel uses one less ball than an American wheel. American roulette offers players 38 numbers on which to bet, while the European version only has 37 numbers. This small change is enough to improve your chance of winning against the house. The European wheel has red and black slots marked one through 36 and one green slot marked with a single zero. An American roulette wheel would also have a double-zero slot in addition to the single zero slot.


A table with numerous betting spots sits next to the betting wheel. You may bet on any of the 37 individual numbers by placing one or more chips on the corresponding spot. The bets are divided between inside bets and outside bets due to their location on the table. The outside bets are easier to hit, but do not pay as much when you win. On the outside of the table, you can bet on odd and even numbers or whether the ball will land in a red slot or a black one. These bets pay out at even money because they are the most likely to occur. You can also bet on the set of 12 numbers that contains the winning number. For example, if you bet on the second column on the table and the ball lands on 14, you will be paid at 2-to-1 odds.

The inside bets include the individually numbered spots, which are the most difficult to hit. However, they pay very well when you do manage to win. Bets on these spots pay out at 35-to-1 odds. You can also place a chip so that it overlaps more than one number. If either of your two numbers hit, you will be paid at 17-to-1 odds. Bets on four numbers at once pay out at 8-to-1 odds. A bet on three numbers in a row is known as a street or a three line and pays out at 11-to-1 odds.

After all of the bets have been placed, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and wait for it to come to a complete stop. The ball will bounce from slot to slot as the wheel spins. When it stops, the dealer will announce the number of the spot in which it landed and pay you the appropriate number of chips. In an online casino, the chips will automatically be added to your balance.

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