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The 21st anniversary of Muckleshoot Casino is down the horizon. In order to celebrate, the Casino is going to try to set a Guinness World Record for the largest slot tournament ever run. The attempt to set the Guinness World Record is going to be made on April 30. It is going to attempt to be the first site that hosts Everi’s 2016 TournEvent of Champions. The goal is to have upwards of 3,001 participants. The achievement will be validated by a Guinness World Records representative who will be there to witness the achievement. This is going to be the latest of other attempts of Muckleshoot Casino to set records.

Muckleshoot has always been a leader of the casino industry. Therefore, it is only fitting that it would make an attempt at holding a title for Guinness World Records. Conrad Granito expresses such sentiments as well. Muckleshoot Casino is the first facility in Washington to allow people to play on machines, as well as technology without cash and interactive bonuses that are found inside the games. This is one of the reasons people keep coming back to the casino. Now, a judge from the Guinness World Records is going to determine the success of the Casino.

Muckleshoot Casino is going to offer huge winnings to the winner of the tournament. A total of over $100,000 in prizes as well as prizes will be awarded to the winners of the tournament. The grand prize is a trip to Las Vegas for four nights for a chance to win $1 million in the TournEvent of Champions in September 28,2016. The grand prize winner will also get $21,000 in cash. One thing that Linda Trinh, vice president of the marketing and promotions division, Muckleshoot Casino takes the event to new levels of excitement. The idea of partnering up with the company brings a lot of excitement and anticipation.

Muckleshoot has shown that it is a very creative establishment. It has gotten its beginnings in a small tent in 1995. It has steadily grown into one of the largest casinos in the Northwest. Many businesses and establishments do start small. However, few of the establishments actually grow into something successful. It takes a lot of creativity and the ability to be in touch with what other people want in order to manage to put together a successful establishment for people.

Everi is very innovative when it comes to casino games. The company makes sure that the games are not only creative, but also user friendly. The company also looks at the analytics of the behaviors of patrons. One way for a business to continue to grow is to examine the behavior of some of the best customers in order to get a feel for what the customers desire. When a business keeps in touch with customers, then it is more able to meet the needs of the customer. The company is less likely to lose its customer base. Another way for a company to keep growing is by running promotions.

Everi and Muckleshoot Casino has worked together to run one of the biggest promotions to grace the casinos. Not only will people be given a chance to win big prizes, but more people will tune into the casinos in order to either witness or be a part of the experience which will break world records with Guinness. As large as this is, Muckleshoot can only get bigger with its promotions as well as other events that it is going to run. With it breaking Guinness World Records, it is going to be solidified and immortalized as a casino.