Famous Bonanza Casino, Central City – Colorado

Location of Famous Bonanza Casino in Central City, Colorado

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Easy Street Casino

Easy Street is located in the historic district of Central City, Colorado, next door to the Dostal Alley Casino and Brew Pub. They pride themselves on being a very easygoing casino and have been open since the year 2000. One of the main attractions is that Easy Street has over two hundred slot machines for their customers to choose from. These games include video slots, video poker and reel slots. While they have many of the newest and most current games available, something that makes their slot selection quite interesting is the fact that they also have some of the oldest, still-working slot machines that cannot be found in any other establishment.

Something else that their visitors will enjoy is their “Miner’s Club,” which is a VIP player’s package. Unlike any other casino’s VIP specials, the Miner’s Club gives gamblers access to promotions and giveways, in addition to comp points. Once a Miner’s Club member has managed to obtain one thousand points, they will receive five dollars in cash. Once two hundred fifty comp points have been accumulated, gamblers who ride the bus will receive a twenty dollar reimbursement for their bus tickets. Comp points can also be used at the casino’s restaraunts or to purchase merchandise with.

Though all casinos cater to the eighteen year old and older crowd, Easy Street does allow children to enter. This is because they have a large arcade available for children to enjoy themselves at while their parents gamble. This allows children to be close to their caretakers, as well as the opportunity to be entertained at all times. There are many arcade and pinball machines for children to play at, which ensures that they will not end up becoming bored while their caretakers are having fun.

Easy Street is a slot machine casino. What this means is there are no table games available; as they are a specialized gambling establishment. People who want to play card games will need to go to Easy Street’s sister casino, Famous Bonanza. Bonanza is located directly across the street from Easy Street, which makes things simple for patrons who do not want to drive across town just so they can sit down and play poker, blackjack, or any other table game. As it can be expected, people who are playing at Bonanza and want to take a break so they can play slots will have to cross the road and go to Easy Street.

Gambling can make people hungry, especially if they find themselves on a winning streak. Thankfully, they do not have to go far in order to find food. Millie’s is located on the top floor of Easy Street. They offer a wide variety of food for people to choose from, though they take pride in their steak, seafood and green chili. Players will be pleased to note that the restaraunt opens at eight thirty in the morning and doesn’t close until eleven at night.

When someone desires a break from gambling, they will be glad to know that, since Easy Street is located in the center of downtown Central City, they will not have to go far to find other things to do. The most noteworthy things to see in Central City are the historic Opera House and Teller House. The Opera House is still used as a music hall and professors will train children how to professionally sing there.

The Teller House was a hotel that was built in 1872 and remains open to the public. In addition to being a hotel, they also have a restaraunt and casino inside the building. The well-known painting, “The Face on the Barroom Floor,” was painted in 1936, was painted on the Teller House’s floor and can still be seen there.

There are many historical buildings that can be seen in Central City; all within walking distance from Easy Street. People who are not interested in history will find numerous stores and cafes, though the town’s casinos are possibly the main attraction. All someone has to do when they want a break from gambling is simply leave Easy Street and go for a walk, as there are numerous things for them to do and see. Central City is a town that has numerous attractions; there is something for everyone, regardless of what their interests may be.

When most people think of Colorado, they do not think casinos. It just isn’t something that most people put together easily. However, Central City is the one town that everyone should visit if they want a break from the boredom of daily life. It is just different enough from most other towns to seem like a town to vacation in, while being similar enough to not seem out of place. The Colorado scenery is extremely attractive, even in town; so if visitors are wanting to take pictures of their travels, they will find many places to do just that in Central City.

It is not a miniature version of Vegas, nor would it want to be. The town is understated, yet fun; which is something that draws people in far more willingly than the flash and dazzle of Vegas. After all, while flash and dazzle is attractive enough, it doesn’t always offer any real substance, which is something that Central City seems to be quite aware of. So instead of being constant action and chaos, the town has a great deal of quiet substance just waiting to be seen.

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