Fantasy Fortune Slot

fantasy-fortuneDelve into a world of wizards, dragons and magic with the exciting slot machine game, Fantasy Fortune. Designed with the purpose of integrating medieval themes with high-payouts, this digital slot machine offers the excitement of the casino floor within the comfort of your own home.


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This five-reel, 20 payline slot machine offers a host of winning combinations and specialty icons, which enhance gameplay for a truly unique gaming experience. With a maximum bet of 10 coins per line, the odds are in your favor. While you may not win big at every spin, the simple interface and visually pleasing interactivity makes this game a pleasure, even if you don’t strike it rich.

Finding Your Fortune

Like many other digital slot machines, Fantasy Fortune offers a simplistic storyline to engage and entertain users. Upon activation, a quick animated video displays primary characters, or icons, and sets the tone for the entire gaming experience. High quality audio tracks and simple, yet engaging, graphics grasps and holds your attention.

After the intro video, which you can skip, you’re taken to the game interface. The five reels are visually stunning and very responsive throughout the gaming experience. Medieval themed icons sparkle and please as you select your bet amount. Icons include:

  • Princesses
  • Damsels
  • Unicorns
  • Knights
  • Dragons
  • Wizards
  • Witches
  • Knights
  • Treasure
  • Castle Doors
  • Goblins

Fantasy Fortune provides users with multiple ways to win big. Of course, matching certain combinations within betting lines is the most common method of winning, but revealing specialty icons unlocks free spins, bonus rounds and even bigger winnings. This game features one wild symbol, two scatter symbols and several bonus round symbols.

  • Wild Symbols – Represented by the dragon, and clearly marked “Wild” underneath its picture, this icon may be substituted for any other icon to complete a winning combination. Moreover, reveal five wild icons in a row to unleash the ultimate jackpot of 5,000 coins within the denomination you bet for that spin.
  • Scatter Symbols – Reveal three or more wizard or castle door icons trigger the first bonus round, which offers 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier. Any winning combinations receive during the free 10 spins is multiplied by three; an excellent opportunity for major winnings.
  • Bonus Round – What slot machine doesn’t have an exciting bonus round? Fantasy Fortune follows this industry standard gameplay experience by offering a potentially lucrative bonus round when three out of the five reels features the Castle Door icon. Upon revealing at least three Castle Door icons, the bonus round is activated. The premise of this game is to navigate the White Knight throughout the castle without running into the Dark Knight. Choose one out of three doors. Choose wisely and be rewarded handsomely, choose incorrectly, and be rushed out of the castle and back to the main game screen.

Overall, Fantasy Fortune is what you’d expect from a high-quality digital slot machine. With fun sound effects, engaging graphics and decent payouts, you’ll soon forget you’re playing on a computer and not in a crowded casino.

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