Favorite online gambling in Asia (Fighting Cock/Gamefowl/gamecock)

Fighting Cock is bloody match between two rooster. The chicken affixed a small knife at his feet called gaffs. chicken usually pitted up so that one chicken blurred or lost, even death. Actually this game not only played in Asia but also in Latin America, The Pacific island and Europe. There are several variations of the game in every area.

Philipines fighting cock is the best organizer in Southeast Asia. Cockfighting is a popular hoby is this country. This country has hosted several World Cup cockfights are held in Aranete colisium, quezon city, where the owner of the world’s leading cockfighting gather. The first event was held in January and the second event was held in June. money at stake to millions of pesos and prizes for reaching 15 million pesos.

In Bali Indonesia, cockfighting known as Tajen has been banned since 1981 because the Indonesian government said it was gambling. but cockfighting is still being done for other purposes in ancient rituals. Blood spilled from cockfighting be offering to the spirits. women should not participate or watch this match because it could happen weird things like trance.

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  1. Cock fighting is used as a source of gamble since medieval period and other games like bullfight are also played in many countries.

    • You’re right shirish5 if India and Indonesia have related history in medieval period. But bullfight in Indonesia is not famous games because in some place in Indonesia Bull is holly animal.

  2. Cockfighting is fenomenal betting in Indonesia. Because cockfighting already knowed by Indonesian since empire era. Even though Indonesian government banned this game, cockfighting still exist and now cockfigthing not just offline gambling you can found it in Internet for online cockfighting.

  3. cockfighter was an ancient game. It played at india and china for thousand of year.. many of historical relic about cockfighter often found at the ancient temple.

    • Not only as farming, rooster also symbolizes the power of the male.

  4. Even we seen the cock fight bloody and brutally, but at their daily life they treat like a human. The owner bath them everyday, and take every single bug and derm at its body. Not to mention an expensive nutrition it get everyday.

    • Sometimes owners of fighting cocks more affectionate towards rooster than his wife.

      • yes you are I m agree with you hhhh
        more affectionate towards rooster than his wife…..

  5. Big Revenue will be come If government want legalized and organized cockfighting.

    • I’m agreed with your statement Gozy if government can legalized all practical of gambling business in every country it’s big revenue for the country.

  6. You’re both right, cockfighting has been known from ancient times. if you watch it directly is extremely exciting.

  7. Cockfight Gambling has become a cultural in Asia for a long time and hereditary. In Indonesia itself has a history of Cockfight known as Ciung Wanara.

    • You’re right sugih lim, Ciung Wanara cockfighting is a legend in the era of the kingdom on the island of Java.

  8. interesting information. does anyone know what criteria a decent chicken competed in this game?

    • A descent conditiom for the roostet is: the breed, the age, the size of the wings muscle, the claw size, the beak sharpness, that’s all i know

    • In Indonesia roosters were often pitted is the type of race bangkok. The rooster has good agility and strength.

    • The roosters are often in fights have better mental. Experience fighting cock also noteworthy.

  9. rooster when often champions in the game will have the equivalent of the price of a luxury car in new condition .

    • Ye rudz, because the winning prize money for the champ, are the same as a brand new house.

    • The more often pitted, fighting cocks are getting better at fighting, so more money earned.

  10. Cockfighting in Indonesia is not only a game or entertainment for the community, but also a story of life both socially, culturally and politically

    • Yes kakafay, in some stage of community, cockfight are representing of how people kill eachother without knowing what they need. They act as a marionette, and there’s a person who provoke them from behind.

    • is for me a very unique countries in Asia, many of the types of animals used as a sacred symbol for them especially value the history of the country or the region. This might be the one that causes chicken fight is considered illegal gambling

    • As I wrote, in bali cockfighting is a hereditary culture that still do. But in political terms I do not understand the connection?

  11. Although cockfighting seem so brutal and barbaric, but human boxing and mixmartial arts is more terrifying.

    • I agree with your homahonk, moreover we know in every boxing match we often see many who put the value of the champion of each stake.

    • All games that use living beings to kill each other, it is definitely depressing. But the gamblers do not care about it.

      • Depend on what circumstances you face vicbro.. if you were raised with such environment, there’s a big chance you’ll be one of them

  12. In addition to a strong race fighting, recently became popular contest chicken sound.

    • Chicken sounds contest usually use different types of chicken. Type of chicken used is PELUNG. Representatives have long sound through 7 levels

  13. Cockfight somehow doesn’t suit me.. although it is an animal, but the bloodbath and the killing aura make me feel terrify. But people who like cockfight are not the same.

    • I also have the same feeling with Sumardjo. Not bear to see a chicken to bleed. I prefer to gamble without betting lives, although it is only an animal.

    • In addition to earning money, cockfighting also serves to maintain the prestige gamblers. They do not care if the rooster is dead after fight.

      • @vicbro
        I think all chicken owners are very concerned with his cock respectively , but he does not care about his opponent chickens to death in the game though .

  14. i don’t how to play online games….someone help me

    • In this website you can read the tutorial before you play online games.

  15. cockfight in my area still often held in the open area and includes safety category because the city had to give tribute to the police and the bookies cockfighting it is the law enforcement officials that the national army so the audience also felt extremely comfortable and safe at all

    • Remarkably, the security forces also participated in the event cockfights and conducted in public. It is very rare condition.

    • Yes, the law enforcement authority also protect them. Even the law it self. Strictly forbid any form of gambling. But in reality, nothing can stop people from playing it.

    • In my area , the security forces or the police have their own work , so in the game ” cockfighting ” sufficiently secured by local community leaders .

  16. One day in the village where I used to live , when gambling cockfighting takes place chicken owners too fight to bleed , so I’m confused as to place a bet for chicken or chicken owners who were fighting .

    • Many things cunning that often occur during the battle, because it sometimes fought each other gamblers. It is very funny.

  17. Cockfight is very popular in my area. However to participate a lot of things to be aware of if you want to come into play in this gambling Because it is not easy to enter in this community, because they are also very careful to accept new members, old members introduced new Participants for the sake of confidentiality Cockfight gambling. Rooster used types of cocks. Champion chicken would be worth jualnya high could even reach millions of rupiah.

    • Because it is illegal, they do not want people in the community entry arbitrarily. It could be undercover cop.

  18. I know co k fighting in the USA has become illegal due to the animal rights activists. But before they stopped it in Louisiana it was a spectacle to see. I have even witnessed them shooting the chickens up with some kind of steroids.
    But the owner has to be careful as the. Chicken when released could gat them as well. And if they do it is pretty bad on the owner cause they are dealing with razor blades and it is quick cut.

    • Ardodd, what types of rooster that exist in the USA, which is commonly used as cockfighting ?

  19. I like fighting game one of the game cockfight it is very popular in Asia lots of people playing this game.

  20. Well Cock fighting is Considered as Great Gambling Activity in Rural and back-word areas of Asia. But This Is Not Only the activity that is performed In Asia. There are number of other fighting activities that are considered as gambling gaming such as Camel fight, Dog Fight, Some birds fight.
    These all fighting are hereditary and Culture of different Countries of Asia.

  21. Well ! Cock Fighting is also playing by some Pakistanis. But I really really hate this game, and hate those people. I am very amazed and disappointed that these guys have not any heart for animals. I just love them. And always will be. Sorry to say ! But such fighting games should be banned all over the World. And there should be very very strict rules against such kind of people. Now in my country, there are very strict rules for this. Thanks to my Govt. for this. And also I want to say thanks to Indonesia Govt.. that also have been banned cock-fighting in their state. It’s ridiculous that people are doing such bull-shit things to earn just money.

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