Favorite online gambling in Asia (Fighting Cock/Gamefowl/gamecock)
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Fighting Cock is bloody match between two rooster. The chicken affixed a small knife at his feet called gaffs. chicken usually pitted up so that one chicken blurred or lost, even death. Actually this game not only played in Asia but also in Latin America, The Pacific island and Europe. There are several variations of the game in every area.

Philipines fighting cock is the best organizer in Southeast Asia. Cockfighting is a popular hoby is this country. This country has hosted several World Cup cockfights are held in Aranete colisium, quezon city, where the owner of the world’s leading cockfighting gather. The first event was held in January and the second event was held in June. money at stake to millions of pesos and prizes for reaching 15 million pesos.

In Bali Indonesia, cockfighting known as Tajen has been banned since 1981 because the Indonesian government said it was gambling. but cockfighting is still being done for other purposes in ancient rituals. Blood spilled from cockfighting be offering to the spirits. women should not participate or watch this match because it could happen weird things like trance.