Favorite online gambling in Asia (TOGEL)

TOGEL or Toto Gelap is a numbers game that consists of 4 digits (4D), 3 digits (3D) and two digits (2D). Uniqueness playing Togel is many formula used to determine opportunities numbers that appear. And the most interesting many people use supernatural means to obtains these figures. Example if you see cat means these numbers 27-61, chicken means 30-99 and many other things.
To facilitate please follow the guidelines and instructions below:
Structure: ABCD
example out: 4321
Means 4D = 4321
3D = 321
2D = 21

Rules of the game:
1. If you buy out of the number issued, meaning you lose and the money is not returned at all.
2. If you buy each $100 for numbers:
4D = 4321
(Especially for 4D, 3D and 2D granted additional discount. Discounts will be greater if the accumulated value betting is greater in every period.)
Means your winnings are:
4D = $100 x [Index victory for 4D]
3D = $100 x [Index victory for 3D]
2D = $100 x [Index victory for 2D]
(Note: the value bet $100 not be returned to the member)

To facilitate the purchase in large quantities by a combination of consecutive numbers, for example:

It can be done by:
BET : 4321 4*500 x1000
BET : 4321 3*400 x1000
BET : 4321 2*300 x1000
BET : 4321 1*100 x1000

You can bit:
4321 for $500
321 for $400
21 for $300
1 for $100

2D Posisi Structure position:
ABCD for example output number = 1234, so the winners :
2D (front) = 12
2D (midle) = 23
2D (back) = 34

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  1. TOGEL is one of online gambling still exist in Indonesia and have big fans. Many Indonesian people play TOGEL starting from labor till officer. TOGEL crowded when the election period is come cause some of candidate of legislative collect big money from TOGEL.

    • When authorized and managed by the government, gambling games of this type are called by the name SDSB, PORKAS etc but after gambling banned, named TOGEL.

      • Yes you are right, this game legal in the Suharto era. The winner could earn billions of Rupiah.

  2. Togel or toto gelap, in english mean illegal toto. Because there’s no legal toto at indonesia. The government are extremely strict about gambling regulation, online or offline. The 5 main religion at indonesia, also forbid gambling. But in reality, traditional and ancient culture from the ethnic race, play gambling, although it camouflage as a traditional ceremony.

  3. There are also a unique way of how indonesian people count the next day toto result. Some people count the number with “nature code” or they call it “kodal”. They are numbering the animal. For example, if a person see a monkey a day before result, they will bet 2 digit number of 23. Because the code of monkey is 23.

    • Sometimes this is become a joke among the players and they are very familiar Togel nature code.

  4. And also, they will convert their dream into number. Each dream has its number. For instance, if you dream about baby, then you’ll get convertion number of 99.

    • Based on a dream, it was very funny. Because things like that this game becomes interesting.

  5. Sometimes it the nature code work, and often it failed, because in reality, many of gambler here lost more than they won.

  6. The largest online toto pool is Singapore pools or often asian people call SGP. It played by hundred of million people around asia continent. And some say, their revenue ia about a $100 million net profit per day. No one knows the actual number. But it make sense.

    • Singapore is one of the largest gambling destination in Southeast Asia and also malaysia.

  7. yes, it is true dado. Indonesian people love this game. Unfortunately Indonesian government has banned this game.

    • indeed it is very unfortunate that the government has banned it because the actual gambling fans very much.

  8. I love Togel game, in addition to training expertise searching for exact figures also helps to train the brain to keep it smart.

    • Sometimes togel a mathematical calculation, using the formula of probability. because togel online use programming logic in making the system.

  9. the little I know about this game is a lot in Asian countries who love this game like macau, Malaysia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodja, hongkong and many more. This game is almost similar to the lottery played only numbers are 4-digit combination.

  10. TOGEL already banned by Indonesian government??? I’m not sure about that vicbro because I’m still bet the TOGEL in offline or online so banned it’s just gossip

  11. TOGEL gamblers bet in finding his numbers have to ask the spiritualism , faerie etc , but I ‘ve seen someone who analyze this game through computerized language .

    • I’ve seen the person too, rudz.. he analyzed the pattern of how the combination reverse pattern.

    • Algorithms in online toggle possibilities can be guessed if the same formula used.

    • I have a friend who knows the formula of probability in the Togel, he was already 10 years searching for the formula. Unfortunately he had to retire from this game.

  12. TOGEL is one of my favorites, even though the government has banned the TOGEL, it can not prevent me to keep playing TOGEL

    • Just like any other gambling game, this game makes you addicted.

      • yeah right, if someone is addicted, then he will not be prevented and will continue to look for ways to continue to gamble

      • The addiction of game is depending how you assess it? Because workholic is one of addiction too. So it’s not big deal if someone addiction from TOGEL or another gambling as long as they can manage they life

  13. Togel, no doubt, is a wonderful game. It has got a lot of nice features. Everyone appreciates this game.

    • Yes you are right, I do not get the information who created this game. Does anyone know?

  14. you know, which one is better in determining the output figures Togel, supernatural media or through a formula Togel …?

    • There’s always 100 percent of probability.. 100% Success or 100% fail… so we cant figure out which method give the best result. Sometime this method is good and sometime the other one is good.

    • I think if a statistical formulation of the computer still can find the answer by human reason would be better, because it will produce an answer or an exact value for the players. for me it’s better to use this instinct for the game as compared to using the supernatural if we difficulties in finding a definite number in the search.

    • Both can be used, but more often use the supernatural because it is easier than having to look for thousands of formula.

  15. Because Togel people become eager to tamper with the figures. Look for opportunities from a number of probabilities.

    • actual numbers or Togel gambling game is very good, people will always honed ability of thinking so that the brain does not become clotted

      • This gambling game is almost similar to a crossword that always makes the person to always think.

    • Although they seem irrational, but one thing i salute from the togel people. They never give up and they often share their winning prize money to the unlucky people. And one other thing.. if they caught by the authorities, they often shut they mouth closed, if they asked about their friend or their dealer.

      • So they remind me to the US marine principle. “Semper fy” They are brotherhood of gambling. Probably the largest gambling brotherhood on earth

        • Thanks @bernardbear I am a former US Marine. “SEMPER FI” I cannot speak for all Marines but gambling is fun.

  16. I am reading information about togel for the first time and I am amused to read that people use supernatural means to obtain the figure anyway the game is very interesting.

    • @shirish: originally the game is from china. But in the reality, the indonesian people are playing it the most. Probably 70 – 100 million people play it..

    • Shirish5, In Indonesia or Asia toggle is a very interesting game. mainly because of the many things beyond reason.

  17. most of my neighbors both men and women like to buy a round toggle the expenditure on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. they buy toggle a way to predict, count, pull, some even dream to go to a shaman and haunted places such as ancient tombs and old house uninhabited

    • The paranormal are the path way for indonesian people to find the next day togel combination result. Why? Because they find them self difficult to figure out 1 of 9999 4-digits combination. But the smart people use their logic by using math or statistics.

      • might really like it bernard bear, a lack of confidence and hesitated to make their bets go into the paranormal

    • @Raden, it’s many way to win TOGEL. Most Indonesian people believe in supranatural things maybe it’s became culture in Indonesia.

    • It is very strange, but a lot of people who won the prize from the mysterious way
      and it often occurs.

  18. We call it the ” dream interpretation ” .
    in toto gelap ( TOGEL ) believes someone will get a code from his dream and can be seen in the book of dream interpretation, dream-like monkey gives the figure 23 , etc .

  19. I am not sure what Togel is but does seem to be based on things I don’t understand.

    • Yes, a lot of mystery in the game. but if you play it once I am sure you will love it.

    • @Ardodd : Togel is a toto game, it called togel because it mean “toto gelap” or illegal toto. This is a simple game actually. You just guess the next day four digit number and bet on it. For example you bet on number of 1234. if you bet for a dollar, then you’ll win $3000 if you guess correct four digit number. That simple.

  20. I love this and even tried guessing in my country however I haven’t got the hang of it,I heard that is a math formula for this game used on system……anyone can share here…..

  21. It seemed as this is very interesting games. As bernardbear explain many natural resources for this game to bet. Wow. But can any body explain that is there any need to any good practice for this game or totally this game is relying on luck? What will you say? Actually I heard about this game for very first time today. So, I want to know more about this game to win here… So, whose there, who know how to win….?

  22. @hafiz786 ; Every methods that i mentioned before need practice. It depend on which method will suit you. If you prefer to use a conversion methods, off course it need a mathematical logic. But i cant mention the method here because it is very sophisticated. But one thing for sure, even the most luck-rely game contain a probability. If someone can figure out and count even from the smallest probability, then he or she will raise his/her chance to win.

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