Five Card Poker

five-card-pokerAs with any poker game, the object of five card poker is to end up with the highest possible poker hand. Five card poker can be played with just you and the dealer or several people and a dealer. The payout for five card poker is determined by what you have in your hand.

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Five Card Draw Poker

Although there are various versions of five card poker, the most common is five card draw. In this version, the player is dealt five cards and the dealer has one card. If player one a good hand, he or she may place a bet. Then, each player can discard any cards they don’t want and get new ones from the dealer. The person who started the bidding in the first round can bid again or this player can choose to fold, which means throwing all the cards in and quitting that hand. When bidding is done, the players that have not folded show their hands to see who wins the pot. In many five card draw games, the players must have at least a pair of jacks to be in that round. This version is known as “jacks or better”.

Rankings of Hands

As stated above, the player with the strongest hand is the winner of that round. When playing in a casino where it’s only the dealer and the player, the payout amount is based on the strength of the player’s hand. Here are rankings of winning hands.

• Straight Flush – You would have five same-ranked cards going in order. The Ace can be used as a high card (A-K-Q-J-10) or as a low card (A-2-3-4-5). The highest straight flush is the A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit, which is often referred to as a Royal Flush.

• Four of a Kind – This hand has four same-ranked same cards and another card. An example of four of a kind could be 10-10-10-10-9.

• Full House – A full house is when you have three same ranked cards and two of another, such as 10-10-10-8-8.

• Flush – This is where all five cards are of the same suit but not consecutive.

• Straight – This hand is where the player has five different suited cards that go in order. An example of a straight could be 4-5-6-7-8 or A-K-Q-J-10.

• Three of a Kind – To have this hand, you would have three same-ranked cards and two oddball cards such as 10-10-10-5-3.

• Two Pair – This consists of two cards that are the same rank and an additional two cards of one rank and an odd card. An example could be 10-10-8-8-A.

• Pair – This consists of three odd cards plus two same-ranked cards such as K-K-9-5-3.

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