Five Reel Bingo

five-reel-bingoTwo great American past times of gambling meet and combine into one invigorating slot machine experience. This is what awaits you when you sit down in front of five reel bingo. The sight and sound spectacular that transports you into the heated action of the bingo hall. Watch as all the familiar imagery unique to the bingo hall environment whip and whirl on the screen. Vast combinations are possible all leading to unique scores in this riveting game. For a lucky few, the B.I.N.G.O bonus transports you to the virtual hall with bingo card in hand.


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Daubers and Troll Dolls

Multi colored daubers and good luck charms are just a few of the images seen that are unique to the bingo halls. Ball scramblers, piles of cash, and even an excited senior citizen utter bingo can line up to bring you a variety of ways to win. Find the bingo ball with the star in the center and that is your virtual free space that allows that spot to be anything needed to propel victory in that spin. Finally, if the stars align just right, a lucky spin will produce all five letters of the word Bingo and whisk you away.

Also a Bingo Game

Hitting this bonanza gives you your own card. The balls are drawn and automatically daubed for you. Depending on which way you hit, a varying amount of credits will be awarded to you. The traditional ways to win are all here. Straight lines, diagonals, four corners, and even the hard to get “T” are all in the offering as ways to win. The winning way is declared and you are returned to the slot machine screen that much richer for your efforts.

This game brings both worlds into your living room. No longer do you have to brave the crowds, fight the traffic, and wait for your favorite machine. Now the action is transported to the comfort of your laptop or mobile device. Smile creating celebrations, numerous ways to win, bonus spins, and the potential to play a virtual bingo card all create a premium wagering opportunity that is also very entertaining. You can control the pace, take a break, and have your favorite beverage any time day or night. Five reel bingo is a premium slot machine experience that offers hours of enjoyment and a chance to profit. In the end, it is everything that a slot machine aficionado asks for in their casino experience.

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