Flea Market Slot

flea-market Flea Market is a classic style, online slot game with animated thrift shopping fleas. The game features three reels, in a single-line format, with a top jackpot of 10,000 coins. This easy-to-play game features fun animations and plenty of ways to win. To begin playing, players place a bet of either one or two coins for each round they play. A win varies based on whether a bet of one or two coins is placed.


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The game allows players to track how many coins they have bet, along with the total dollar amount of their bet. Players can also see how much they have won after each spin. A counter in the corner tracks the amount of money spent and won. It’s easy to place a bet by clicking the select coins button or clicking on another button to bet the maximum. Once a bet is set, then players can click the red spin button to find out what they’ll win. Sound effects click when the slot machine is spinning and when winnings are being added to a player’s account.

A row of three diamond rings offers the highest wins. For one coin, players receive 4,000 coins, but they can haul in 10,000 for a two coin bet. On a one coin bet which ends with three dressers, players get 100 coins, while they earn 200 coins for doubling their bet. A row of lollipops offers payouts of 40 coins for one coin or 80 for two. A spin of three bars offer varying payouts of 12, 25 or 30, depending on whether the bars are green, red or blue. Those amounts double when a bet of two coins is placed.

The game also offers other opportunities to win, with smaller payouts for other matches. Matching any three bars pays 12 coins on a one coin bet, or 24 coins for betting two coins. Lining up two lollipops offers payouts of three or six coins, depending on the bet placed. While getting one lollipop pays one coin for a one coin bet or two coins for a two coin bet.

A diamond ring serves as the wild symbol in the game. When the ring appears with two other matching symbols, a player wins the prize equal to a three symbol match. Two rings, along with another symbol, offers a payout of four times the amount for a three symbol match. A jackpot worth 10,000 coins can be won whenever three diamond rings appear on one line. It’s the biggest jackpot available in this game, but it can only be won when a two coin bet is placed. This online slot game offers an entertaining way to pass the time playing a casino-style game anytime and anywhere.


  1. Very interesting game very easy to play try it on the site and have fun.

  2. Hope it will be good game and I am entering into the game. Hope I gonna win this game in the first trail.

  3. Providing the record of total number of bet and amount you’ve used for these bet and record for the win or lose of everyone bet individually is really a good feature.

    The high winning of 4000 for single coin in Diamond rings is really an awesome opportunity.
    Here I have one Question what’s the probability of winning here?

    What’s The minimum deposit and payout of this game and is there an sign up bonus or any other bonus available?

  4. Very interesting game very easy to play try it on the site and have fun.

  5. It’s fantastic, i love the the feeling, and the ambience.. i hope the game developer will give us more dramatic sound near the future..

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