Flying Colours Slot

flying-colours Flying Colours’s theme is based on war airplanes. The game focuses on the old flying aces of World War I in particular. The majority of the reel symbols are bronze, silver, and gold medals adorned with ascending values such as J, Q, K, and A. You are also likely to see blimps, propellers, and other comical, colorful pastiches of the World War II era fliers.


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When playing, the rules are similar to other video slot machine games. You will see five reels. First, you choose a coin size between one and twenty five, then you choose how many coins you want to play per line. After those are done, you can take your spin! The payout system is simple. The two bronze medals naturally give out the lowest payouts. Above those are silver medals and gold ones. Yellow and green planes give out higher payouts than all the medals. The jackpot symbol, meanwhile, is a rather laid-back looking Lady.

Special symbols include the blimp, the propeller, and the “Crimson Kaiser”. The blimp is wild, and when found, it replaces all symbols in a column except for the propeller and the Crimson Kaiser, making the whole column wild. Matching up five blimps in a row will earn you the 10,000 coin jackpot! The propeller is a bonus symbol; match up at least three propellers and the game will go into a bonus mode wherein the player is awarded free spins. If 3 propellers were matched, the player will get 7 free spins. If 4 propellers were on the board, 14 spins will be the prize. If the spin produced five propellers in a row, the player will receive a whopping 25 free spins! These free spins are special because each fills the players first row with wilds, guaranteeing wins!

The Crimson Kaiser is an obvious pastiche of World War I’s most famous flying ace, the Red Baron. When three or more Crimson Kaiser symbols are matched, a bonus game begins. During this game, players must their mouse and the on-screen crosshairs to shoot down enemy planes before being shot down.

If you’re in the mood for some high-flying slot machine action, make sure to try Flying Colours today!

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