Four new tiger cubs at the Mirage’s Secret Garden

Las Vegas, Nevada
September, 12th 2015

Siegfried and Roy proudly announced the introduction of 4 -five week old tiger cubs this month at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada. People might forget that although the pair retired from show business in 2010 the Secret Garden still remains open. This is at the Mirage hotel and casino and it remains a top tourist spot for all animal lovers. The cubs were born to Indira and Svengali on August, 5th 2015. There was one male and three females. The male was a lightly colored golden tiger named Justice, Hirah a golden female with stripes, Maharani a striped white female and Liberty a white female. Seeing tigers in a magazine does not even come close to showing just how majestic the creatures are. If you have an opportunity to visit please do so. You won’t be let down by the sheer power of these tigers and cubs.

This is an exciting time at the Mirage as the cubs are the only ones born in the last five years. The conservation effort of these beautiful creatures has a tendency to be misunderstood by many all over the world. Often it is thought that if these creatures just mate, all will be fine. That is quite untrue and a dangerous speculation to make. The creatures come from wild habitats and as much as breeding them helps strengthen the pride so does protecting their environment. With issues such as deforestation and the expanding issue of humans invading the territory of these animals awareness must be raised. In order for a species to survive, so must the habitat of the creature.

The world has lost 93% of the tiger population with some particular subspecies already gone forever. There are said to be only about 3000 tigers living in the entire world. So if you have an interest in helping this gorgeous animal, please do. There are many clubs and organization that work hard to make certain that the tigers still remain in existence. Search for tiger conservation groups and too many to list will appear. The conservation groups have many ideas on what humans can do to keep these handsome creatures safe. One such group to check into is the Sarmoti foundation. Conservation and preservation are at the top of the list to protect these creatures. Only through education and knowledge do these gorgeous creatures stand a chance.

Many people flock to Las Vegas each year for vacation. Anyone who has planned a trip to Las Vegas in the past has most likely been to a show or two. Without a doubt one of the most popular shows in the World was Siegfried and Roy’s magic show with the most majestic creatures that walk the earth, white tigers. The gentlemen are known for being able to make a powerful tiger disappear into thin air. Siegfried and Roy retired from performing in 2010. A few years earlier in October 2003 Roy had a health scare during one of their performances in which he suffered a stroke. The tiger Montecore according to both Siegfried and Roy picked Roy up by the neck in an attempt to get him out of harm’s way.

This is quite possible seeing as how both Siegfried and Roy had made it a mission to protect the species. Not only do the men have an affinity for the tigers but the tigers also seem to consider the men protectors. Even when Roy was in such a bad state his only concern was that nothing happened to the tiger. Sadly the tiger Montecore passed at the age of 17 in 2014. This is quite old as most live 12 years. Despite retiring from show business both the men have continued to champion the cause of both white and golden tigers. On an interesting note both tigers come from the same litter. Interesting to note since many think the golden and the white tigers are different breeds.

Another fact about the white tiger is that white tigers are quite rare. The reason being is that a rare gene that is recessive must occur for the coloration to be present. They come from India and surrounding countries. They can weigh 300 kg and are known to be more than 3 meters long. The mother can give birth to as many as 5 cubs. These creatures also are known for awesome stalking skills and pouncing on victims. Tigers are carnivores and they hunt for food. Naturally the tigers do not have predators. Although once again it is fair to say what humans have done to the habitat of the tigers, in a sense, is predatory toward the tigers. A tiger can have a tail up to 4 feet long. Unlike the cat that might be roaming around your house these cats have nothing against the water and can be pretty good swimmers.

If you are interested in the Secret Garden at the Mirage plan a visit. The Secret Garden is open from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily. The cubs themselves can be seen in a room made just for them from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. with an all-day adventure pass. Prices are subject to change but it looks like $22 for adults and $17 for kids. You will definitely enjoy these wonderful creatures in an experience most do not get. Only through love can these animals be saved from extinction.

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  1. The tiger, were used by most of asian culture to symbolized majesty and power. The ancient southeast asia king, were use it to symbolized theirself if their some stage of glory. If the ancient king were used the symbol, then he must be a powerful and reached so many glorious war. Now the creature are threaten by extinction. What the mirage do with the tiger hopefully will make a diferent.

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