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This seems to be a great year for online based companies to start joining forces and making deals with one another to help each other grow and expand horizons. Starfish Media and Genii and have made a deal in proving more games to one another. Genii has signed a partnership with a Curaçao licensed platform provider known as Starfish Media. This will allow Starfish Media to start offering the companies new allies Genii, new games for costumers to enjoy. It has been noted that Starfish Media will offer approximately 130 casino games to the companies new corporate friends.

For those who are unfamiliar with both companies, here is a brief outline for both corporations. This will aid in helping to explain how this business deal with help both campaniles out in eat of the companies respectively. It is also important to understand the new trend in online casinos and how most online casino game providers use new and innovative ways is making online gambling safer for users across the country.

Genii has been around for about 15 years now. The company uses those years of experience within the iGaming industry with the the award winning innovation to creat and provide amazing interactive casino games. Reimagining games the public has seen for many of years by using out of the box thinking. Genii takes gaming to a whole new spectrum of enjoyment for players to indulge in during spare time anyone may have. The Company has had recruited developers from all over the world so as one t am end another is just starting the day. This makes around the clock productivity and is one of the keys in the companies success in contouring the corporate world. Having a system such as this imp lamented means absolutely no down time in game development.

The Genii online website operates on real time and was developed in using Microsoft. The online casino games providers have over 130 games ready and available for the world to enjoy and is one of the largest of all the mobile games providers that is compatible with iOS, android and windows phone. It is actually about time that the windows phone started to get some games, it’s been years now and is probably one of the least payed attention to platform in the mobile world.

Starfish media (not to be confused with starfish media group) is a online gaming site based in Curaçao that has been operating since 2012. The company maybe a bit new to the game but starfish media has been making quite a name for itself in the short years it has been in operation. What makes this online gaming industry stand out from the rest is the diverse group of employees that can speak over seven different languages between the many employees making it easy to integrate different aspects of various cultures and backgrounds within the company. As new corporations tend to do starfish media has begun to attempt to change the online gaming world, specializing in Technical skills by using their gaming industry know how.

Another admirer will trade of starfish media is how they value The employees and have even proclaimed to be one of the greatest assets to the Corporation. Starfish media even has a guideline of words for the employees to live by

Skill – tumor promote employees to become experts into what They do
Teamwork- to promote employees to work together even having on the site claiming “Together we can move mountains”
Adventure – every day should be fun and adventurous, this should help employees to think outside of the box.
Responsibility – to claim responsibility towards each other and the players.

Starfish media states on their site

“ it is not only about work. Sometimes you need to enjoy yourself as well, both at work and saw outside of it. That is why starfish media arrange a lot of activities and events for the staff. It can be something as small as a taking a break and share it cake, having some beers together after work to a bigger dinner or party together.”

Starfish media creates a friendly environment for the employees making it so workers will implement their very bust into the corporation, creating better products for online gaming characters around the world.

Now understanding how the two companies are better able to help one another, it’s easier for the online gaming community to become more exciting through this new business deal. This means better games that are more interactive, innovative, creative and more visually appealing. Not just better quality games but more quantity of games, and both companies specialize in safety for the players and the users household. Making identity protection a priority is to keep children away from games that are only meant for 18 and older. The online casino game industry is beginning to boom with more demands for better games, even promoting some casino buildings to upgrade their methods of gaming by adopting the online gaming industry in incorporating their games into the building.

All games at Ginii can be played for free as a demo on the companies site, please only 18 and older allowed to visit and play the games.

Nick bar the Genii sales director has stated “we’ve signed an incredible amount of deals in such a short space of time and we’ve been blown away by how the market has responded to our offering.” So far it has seemed that starfish media will be a huge benefit to Genii and vice versa by combining both of the companies innovation and creativity to create a better platform for the online gaming community and by helping expand the casino online gaming industry even more.

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  1. Thanks @admin ! For making us familiar with both of these Corporations.
    And I will agree with the statement that new trend in Casinos is about the safety of users and member’s information and credentials. As Internet is a big place of crime and fraud; no doubt!
    So, every online player wants a most safe and trusted place over Internet for playing games and gambling. So, it’s really a good thing and strategy to involve and attract more users by giving high level of safety and security to them as well as providing and offering new and most innovative games to their players.
    Best of luck for Genii and Starfish media…!

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