Gambling fun or addiction
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A trip to casino may be pleasant thing for many of us. Gambling is a part of entertainment which many people like.
Many people are prepared to part with some money to try luck. If we win the game we are happy and if we lose we don’t take that seriously because we know winning or losing is a part of gambling. But some people don’t take gambling for fun and entertainment gambling is a problem for such people it can be called addiction or an impulse-control disorder and it is not a good sign.

In case of men such type of gambling begins in adolescence and for women in later part of life, In case study of people with addictive gambling one-third are women the cause of such behavior is depression and they are ashamed to discuss their problem with other.

People may gamble from their first wages and for many years they will continue to gamble without any problem. But over time, in condition of stressful mental condition their gambling habits may change and can incline towards addiction.

They start to gamble more frequently they always think about gambling they plan their other activities around it. They start to neglect their other interests and people in their life.

When they gamble they place larger bets and they take big risks. Thus gambling starts relieving their stress and they gamble when more worried or depressed.

Researchers have revealed that the cause of this condition could be their parents one or both parents could be problematic gambler or alcoholic.

When gambling is done to change mood or to escape problem it could start down a dangerous path. When efforts made to cut down habit turn futile this could be a warning.

Problematic gambling can cause other problems too such as recklessness, loss of judgment; etc the person experiences a change of mood which interferes with his other activities of life. In such cases 20 percent of the persons in treatment of gambling have attempted suicide. In such cases treatment is necessary to treat any coexisting problem. The person should face the stresses and challenges in his/her life without being addictive to gambling.