Gambling fun or addiction

A trip to casino may be pleasant thing for many of us. Gambling is a part of entertainment which many people like.
Many people are prepared to part with some money to try luck. If we win the game we are happy and if we lose we don’t take that seriously because we know winning or losing is a part of gambling. But some people don’t take gambling for fun and entertainment gambling is a problem for such people it can be called addiction or an impulse-control disorder and it is not a good sign.

In case of men such type of gambling begins in adolescence and for women in later part of life, In case study of people with addictive gambling one-third are women the cause of such behavior is depression and they are ashamed to discuss their problem with other.

People may gamble from their first wages and for many years they will continue to gamble without any problem. But over time, in condition of stressful mental condition their gambling habits may change and can incline towards addiction.

They start to gamble more frequently they always think about gambling they plan their other activities around it. They start to neglect their other interests and people in their life.

When they gamble they place larger bets and they take big risks. Thus gambling starts relieving their stress and they gamble when more worried or depressed.

Researchers have revealed that the cause of this condition could be their parents one or both parents could be problematic gambler or alcoholic.

When gambling is done to change mood or to escape problem it could start down a dangerous path. When efforts made to cut down habit turn futile this could be a warning.

Problematic gambling can cause other problems too such as recklessness, loss of judgment; etc the person experiences a change of mood which interferes with his other activities of life. In such cases 20 percent of the persons in treatment of gambling have attempted suicide. In such cases treatment is necessary to treat any coexisting problem. The person should face the stresses and challenges in his/her life without being addictive to gambling.

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  1. good gambler is they are already prepared everything, win or lose the ordinary things in life.

    • But sometime, even for a pro gamblers, losing a game will make them dissapoint. So this is where our mental management take part. How you manage your dissapoint. If they cant handle the eager and passion to avenge their lost, their mental management fail.

  2. I think gambling is quite fun. Regardless of whether we win or lose, we’ve got a new relationships. As we do now.

    • indeed, gambling is a very fun game regardless of winning or losing and very happy again if it can win the game.

      • I always fun when I am winning. Losing is never fun. But the challenge is always to play smarter than the other person.

        • I think you very smart ardodd, but it wont enough to overcome some bad luck. In our culture, there is some trick to avoid bad luck (if you believe it). For example, our day of birth is our glory day. Never play gamble in two days before your birth day. 🙂

          • Sorry ! @bernardbear ! I never believe on such things and opinions. And of course, we all should not do so…..
            I guessed you’re very religious man? Am i right?

    • M40N3 nice statement, it is most important things for each of us do gambling of course we should be able to take the relationship of that opportunity

  3. Gabbling is a fun filled entertainment which may some times become addiction

    • @Anjith. True, If you take that as an entertainment, you’ll get entertained whether you win or loose. But if you take that as a fight challenge, then you’ll get beat up whether you win or loose.

  4. I think the article above are your thoughts, as detailed at all about the consequences and impact for gamblers

  5. Gambling brings joy in life, but it would be dangerous if you abuse

    • This is i think what @ardodd expert. Please share to us @ardodd how to manage your emotion when facing some of opponent bully and snap your mental

  6. I think in response to the article entitled gambling addiction or fun is depending on their own personal, for some people who have a lot of money could have been they were just having fun in gambling, but for those who have little money they gamble with the hope to multiply the money is used as a bet, continues on gambling addiction due to a sense of optimism will always win it initially

    • But dont forget @setia_one: many of rich people goes “down and out” because of gamble. And many poor people goes rich because their big win in gamble.

  7. Gambling can seem fascinating, and it’s normal to wonder about it.It has lots of fun. The only problem is that you could lose money, too.

    • That the fascinating about play gamble, if you take high risk, you’ll get high gain or high loss, if you take low risk, you’ll get low gain or low loss.. This is your choice, you’ll take your own risk

  8. In my opinion, gambling is addicted. Gambler have fun when he/she win much money

    • @bale96, pardon me before, but I don’t agree with you, addict or not is our choice. If you have weak mind, then you’ll addict, but if you have strong one, well it is more fun. Once again pardon me for our different point of view

  9. Very Nice Article !! Well I think its depends upon the either he is taking it as fun and entertainment or getting addicted. If person participate in gambling within limit then he/she is taking it as fun and case in he/she is exceeding the limit then its Addiction.

    • @shahzadmalik, I Agree, always know your limitation. Never play out of your boundary. Never play from debt money. Never play when you drunk and never play gamble to solve your financial problem. Then you’ll play safe gamble.

  10. yes its depend on us how we take this game as a fun n addicted many people are found of these type pf games they never giveup in this game either they loss or win

    • @heartangle143 Actually, their senese of “never give up” will good if they apply it in their real life, their work, and their way to manage their goal. They will success in every aspect of their life. No wonder, many of casino player are rich people.

  11. Hi guys? Advanced sorry to those people, who will consider my opinion as bull-shit ! But I think, personally, that gambling is never seemed to as fun ! and of course it’s not a fun. People just feel happy when they win, but what ? if they loss? Almost all the gamblers in the World are addicted gamblers. And I am 100% sure about this idea !

    • @hafiz786 : i think at some cirumstances, your opinion is correct. But let us see this way: one way or another, people lost or fail in every aspect in their life journey, not just in gamble. Off course they will dissapoint, because it is one of the basic sense that people have. But to achieve better result in the future. People must learn from their failure. And turn their lost into victory. Remember when you kid? You play hide and seek? Did you enjoy the game whether you hide or seek? and one more thing.. i’m sure You know Muhammad Ali. He always enjoy his fight no matter how much he beat up. We can see it from his body language during his fight. And he is the greatest boxer ever..

      • So what i’m trying to say is, fun, happy, sad, or frustation is a mental set up. It depend to people habit. For e.g: A preacher will have a melancholy mind, full of love, tenderness, and often cry whether they happy or sad. But on the other hand, a special forces soldier trained to be ruthless, bloodthirsty and no pity.. So which mental set up do you want during gamble is depend on your capability.

        • Yes ! @bernardbear you’re right. I have understand. You really gave good example to explain your words. Thanks to teach me in this way. I really like your way. Now, I am feeling that you were right and are right as well.

          • @Hafiz786: please don’t mention it, it’s a pleasure to share each other. i thank to you too because of your statement, i, myself found something that will valuable for my life journey.

  12. perhaps a gambling assessment conducted every person whose name begins with pleasure, but when it is turned to curiosity then it will turn into an addiction, then will be ingrained in their daily life so it becomes a habit

    • @Mbach: yups, you were right, whenever people try to avenge for their lost and their brain is full fire with the feeling to beat their opponent, The problems begin.. It will grow and grow till their lost all of their money. They cannot think with clear mind when their brain is full fire.

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