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a-z-glossaryGaming online continues to increase in popularity and convenience for players. Online gambling has a unique set of terms that can be initially confusing for those first starting out in this environment. Reviewing this glossary of particulars will help clarify gaming lingo and allow players to become better acquainted with commonly used words.
Understanding the terms and phrases associated with electronic gaming allows players to quickly navigate and comfortably play and gamble online. This glossary is divided into chronological sections that help explain and build a players online gambling vocabulary.


New players

From A – Z, there is an extraordinary amount of terminology used in online gambling. To begin with, new players will want to understand the following: Action, which is any type of bet, Ante, used frequently in the game of stud poker that means the first bet made on a hand before the cards are dealt and Bank Roll, the amount of money a player is willing to risk on each gaming session.

Placing bets

Bet, is the player’s wager and a player can Bet the Limit, which means wager the maximum amount of money a player is allowed to risk in a single game. The popular game Blackjack, occurs when cards total “21”. Alternatively, if a player’s cards exceed “21” they Bust.

Odds of winning

The casino, or house advantage, House Edge, is a mathematical advantage pertaining to the odds of winning that the casino has over the player. A player may Double Down by extending an additional bet up to the amount of the original. Insurance can be used when a player bets the dealer already holds a “21” in blackjack. Fixed Odds Games are also referred to as “instant win games”, these games allow players to determine what their return on each bet will be as they place them.


Craps is a casino dice game where players try and predict the numbers of a two-dice, or Deuce roll. When a player Craps-out, the player has bet on the pass line and loses by rolling a two, three or twelve on their first roll.


Card games online include terms such as Push, which is a draw, or when both the dealer and player “tie”.Face Cards are cards that have a face, such as the king and queen cards. A Hit provides a player with an additional card upon their request while a Hard Hand is used when a hand is absent an ace card. In blackjack, the dealers hidden, face-down card is called the Hole Card.

Experienced players

Multiple Pay-lines are prevalent in online gambling. This situation results in the maximum pay-out for players and is accomplished when more than one line or slots create a win. Vigorish, is the fee allotted to the casino when a player wins. A Whale refers to players who makes large bets and exceed High Rollers.Inside bets are those placed in the game of roulette on a single number, two numbers, or four numbers.

Additional online gambling terms include:

Add-on: Buying additional chips
Aggregate Limit: Maximum payout liability of a casino per game
Aggregate Winnings: Total money won
Going All In: Betting all player chips
Blind Bet: Betting before you see the cards
Breaking Even: When payoffs from bets equal the amount wagered
Call: Matching the current bet
Capping of bets: Adding extra chips to top of a bet
Chase: Losing money in a bet and trying to make up for it through a win
Coat-tail: Betting the same as another winning player
Croupier: The dealer
Cut: A shuffling method of dividing a deck of cards in half
Dime Bet: a $1,000 bet
Dollar Bet: a $100 bet
Double or nothing: An even money bet
Doubling-up: When a player doubles their next bet after losing
Drop: Lost money
Firing: Betting a lot of money
Front money: Cash or checks deposited with the casino to establish credit.
George: A good tipper
Grease: A bribe
Hot: On a winning streak
Jackpot: A big win
Marker: An “IOU”
MVG: Most valued Guest
On Tilt: Uncontrolled wild play
Open: Who bets first
Overlay: Bets that provide player advantage over the casino
Pass: Decline to bet
Pigeon: A novice gambler
Press a Bet: Adding winnings over the current bet
Progressive: Potential jackpot that increases with each play until the jackpot hits
Single: A straight-up bet
Skoon: A dollar bill
Snake Eyes: Rolling a two
Spinner: A winning streak
Tapping Out: Losing entire bank roll
Ticket: A card
Trips: Three cards of the same rank
Web Wallet: Secure online deposit account

Card games sometimes have their own set of terms that may be specific depending on how the hands are played. In the game of poker for instance, Ace-to-Five and Ace-to-Six refer to lowball. Lowball means that low hands win.

Online gambling terms are a well-established list of words that new players can quickly become familiar with and use comfortably and casually in the online gambling environment. Building a gaming vocabulary not only increases knowledge, it is an effective way of becoming a better player and gives players a fun, exclusive membership into the world of online gambling.


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