Gambling in Casino against Two Big Problem Faced in Japan

The three of the largest party in Japan LDP, DPJ, SDPJ with their politicians submitted a bill to parliament to ban gambling in casinos softened or be lifted. This is because Japan today are faced with declining revenues from taxes and a growing national debt. Most notably “ the eye-watering” figure of public debt running at 214.3 percent of GDP.
Aging population is inversely proportional to the young population of fewer, giving taxes to pay for pensions and health care costs make indications that the outlook for the Japanese economy in the future not so bright.
Some dramatic stimulus measures in an effort to get the economy running on all cylinders once again has been introduced by Shinzo Abe as Prime Minster of Japan, and plans for casinos fit neatly into that larger project. He has promoted casino resorts as part of his economic growth program, and hopes to see them operating in time for the 2020. Having it would be yet another attraction for visitors.
Results Analysis The Union Gaming Group and Merrill Lynch estimates that the casino industry in Japan will be the second largest market after Macau especially in ASIA which will reap revenue of more than 10 billion euros
The proposal which was submitted to the national Legislature of Japan “Diet” is a basic outline of the system of licensing and supervision of casinos and shows the creation of a special zone where casinos can operate, as long as the local government support.
Diet has received a proposal from the politicians, among others, on a system of licenses and supervision of the casino, and the proposed special locations where casinos can operate.

Operator’s license is also a proposal from the politicians. The license is divided into two. First Intended for large international companies. Second, for smaller venues in the suburbs or coastal areas where its market share is domestic travelers.

Regarding the specific allocation of new gambling discourse that Odaiba waterfront district in Tokyo, Osaka Mishima district, Shinagawa district of Tokyo and Okinawa is famous for its beautiful beaches.
Las Vegas Sands Corp, Caesars Entertainment Corp and MGM Resorts International have been hoping Abe would unlock an “integrated resort” market that brokerage CLSA estimated could generate annual revenue of $40 billion.

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  1. Every government in every country should know if big effort from Casino or gambling arena for foreign exchange. And now Casino in Japan faced problem with politiciant it’s ridiculous, are they forget about big money flow in their bank account. How about your opinion gozy?

    • Japan faces two problems, namely the tax revenues declining and increasingly bloated national debt. Income taxes decreased over, one reason is because one of the sources of tax is a traditional gambling controlled by the Yakuza. It can not be denied that the politicians are still under the shadow of the Yakuza. Therefore the politicians being aggressively to soften even lift the ban casino in Japan.

      • Most of the japanese gigantic coorporation now build their factory outside of japan. They become a global company, and they belong to theirself.. one of the main reason of how the exodus happenned are, high tax rate and high local wage rate. So the nation, slowly but sure star to lost their biggest revenue. If that so, the govt desperately find a way to replace it.

        • If the view of reality as revealed by bernardbear then whether Japan can be regarded as a core nation or semi-periphery nation ?.

  2. In reality, theres a strong relationship between politician and gambling company. Why are politician often claim war against gambling business? Because the gambling company refused to fund their campaign. That simple.

    • It is true there is a strong relationship between politicians and gambling companies. Precisely in Japan politicians being aggressively support for the lifting of the ban casino.

  3. Casino industry is quite tempting in Japan, and require substantial capital as well to get a fantastic profit. Hopefully can be realized and developed for integrated resort area.

    • Exactly what you think Sugih Lim, at this time I’m preparing an article about the prospect of Las Vegas Sand who saw the potential in Japan. Hopefully approve by admin.

  4. with a view of the political parties in Japan that gambling will get a large enough income for the country in economic terms, of course, will be a benchmark for other Asian countries it that a gambling does not always bring a negative thing if it can be processed and managed well by the state.

    • My question is: japan known for economically wealthy nation. Almost every house in this world, has japaneese product, and how is gambling revenue can compare to the japanese international trading revenue?

      • Last year, the traditional Japanese gambling has nearly doubled revenues compared with exports of motor vehicles which is about US$175 billion

        • So, that was true, finally even one of the most wealthiest nation, found gamble as their best revenue? what a remarkable achievement for them.. especially for people who run gambling business there

    • true, let the public who assess it all, one side says do not agree, but others agreed because he saw no benefit behind it.

      • Gambling is a common thing in life, without us knowing each day we live gambling

    • It’s true mbach, we could see countries in Europe, they really manage gambling even supervised by the department in the government. Revenue from gambling is channeled into the areas of health, education, arts and culture etc.

    • Countries in Asia it is better modeled countries in Europe, which successfully manages gambling so that profits from gambling can be channeled to the people through many aspects

  5. in my country even if at the moment there CASINO opened in the city center will have a very big problem , maybe another time would change his condition .

    • it should Casino placed in specific locations, can we call an integrated casino consists of a hotel, casino, resort

  6. If Aging population is one of the problem, then why don”t they play bingo? Old man love to play bingo? 🙂

    • seems like if they had a lot of reasons populations are getting older, most old man’s play chess. and still they make something for the subject of betting in their chess game 🙂

    • good idea homhahonk, bingo is the one favourite game for old man.

    • Bingo game is also interesting, but it is customary for generations it will be difficult to change.

  7. This is one example of the government of a country that is finally aware of and acknowledge the great advantage to be gained if legalize all forms of gambling in the country.

    • That is what is being sought by the politicians, but does this ensure that mem gambling the future will be able to resolve the country permasalahn preformance Japan ?, what about the Yakuza organization?

  8. Las Vegas Sand Corp. want Japan legalized integrates resort such as hotel,resort & also casino.That is big opportunity for Japan faced olympic 2020.

    • a design of a good future for a country in Asia for their economic prosperity. And proved gambling is the best solution.

      • Good mbach, government which makes legal will get big revenue from gambling.

    • Interesting information from you …Alie, the State of Japan is expecting rapid changes in the economy to get better from now on.

    • two issues are complex, but see the spirit to get ahead of the Japanese I’m sure it can be achieved.

  9. I think the reason the three parties only part of political intrigue. Not because of the population. Yeah … this is just politics.

    • M40N3 how in your country? whether there is a political party that plays a role in gambling for the prosperity of his country’s ?

    • For developed countries, citizens who are not productive needs remain to be met, especially large health costs

    • You are right, the political world was never separated from gambling, we’ll see whether this plan will have a positive impact for Japan or not.

  10. If any country bans gambling people will not stop gambling they will find illegal ways to gamble. Japan has taken a good step to earn revenue from this industry.

    • I agree with you Shirish, a gambling will always be present everywhere even though it is prohibited and is considered illegal. if the Japanese had made gambling becomes legal rules for the welfare of his people, now living the citizens who take a good step to take their economic progress.

      • Therefore, many foreign companies are trying to approach with buying shares in Japanese traditional gambling.

    • Japan is known as a country who still using a dumping policy. They sell product more expensive at their domestic market, than the international market. Because the people of japanese will eager to spend their money, as long as their country need it. And they won’t mind if their spend in local gambling..

      • Age growth between old age and youth experiencing huge difference. Currently non-productive age is still much to be given a pension and health insurance costs are high. The government still bear the burden for the population growth problem.

    • That’s true, Gambling is a human thing. Probably will not be removed until whenever. Human nature will always find a way in order to achieve his wish.

  11. Japanese state was already aware of the advantages of state revenues will grow by providing formal legality of gambling in a casino

    • That is to be expected and are being negotiated by the parties in order to permit casino gambling could run in Japan.

  12. Thank you for this article. In my opinion gambling and government will always be at war. The reason being that government always see a avenue to get more money. In my opinion the government always says they gonna use the revenue to improve equity of life. But actually the only thing that happens with it is they use it to line their pockets and not the people who need it.

    • I agree with Mr. Ardodd, gambling and government will always be at war, but in fact the only thing that goes with it they use it to line their pockets and not the people who need it.

    • The positive impact of the Japanese government’s efforts to legalize online gambling and casino is start attraction of MGM, LVS, AGA to invest in Japan.

  13. @gozy, you put very nice efforts here regarding this article. I solute you ! I am very happy to see the member’s contribution here for this article. Which make this article more and more useful for other. Before coming to here at this page, I did not know anything about Japan and gambling in Japan. But now, after spending some time on this page, I know almost all about it. @gozy thanks to make such article and bring the members to here for discussion.
    The prime minister of Japan, really took very good step for casinos to make them at big level. And of course, every person knows that Japan is famous for export business. But I am very surprised to know that Japan earn more revenue in gambling business than export business. We can easily guess for the importance of gambling to become strong as economically.

  14. Thanks @Hafiz786 to see my articles.We always hope that every articles released have Additional Value / Positive Contribution for everyone.I’ll be glad to wait and see your articles.

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