Online Gambling Laws in United States – 2014 / 2015

Internet gambling can be a little confusing because of the laws and is made more confusing because of the difference in state and federal laws. It just takes a few minutes and you will be able to understand where you stand in all of this.

State laws

Quite a few states are starting to ease up on internet gambling. On top of that, it is hard for states to enforce these laws, so there are only two known cases of people being arrested.

One was fined and the other gentleman was convicted, but was told to stay good and he wouldn’t go to jail.

Federal laws

You are perfectly legal to gamble on the federal, except for sports betting. You can go set up an account, play some hands of seven card stud or Omaha at the Cool Cat Casino or Slots of Vegas Casino. No charges will be made against someone who just wants to go online and play, unless it is sports betting.

The only headache comes in the form of the banking situation. Say you open up an account at the Ruby Slots Casino, well, because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it is illegal for the banks to allow transactions. Again, the common gambler is not doing anything illegal, this just applies to the banks. Casinos are working on legal ways for people to be able to get their money, however.

Online gambling is not a wild west endeavor. It is legal and very fun.


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  1. Any info about gambling laws in other countries. Or any idea about where I could find the same in case of India?

  2. There is no Hawaii online gambling law listed above. I am new to online gambling, and I would like to know a little bit of what Hawaii online gambling law is before I give it a try.
    Can the admin research this and include Hawaii on the list above. Thanks.

  3. @ekusano you are absolutely correct in that Hawaii is not listed. I have counted only 40 of the 50 States Listed so it is possible that at the time of this Blog article that @admin did not have full details on all gambling laws for them.

    I am sure that @admin has noticed this difference and will make updates to it as soon as possible.

    Thank you at @admin for providing the links to our own states laws for online gambling.

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