Gambling Restrictions Pushed in Singapore

Singapore is already known for strict laws targeting social activity. However, there are no existing laws or regulations that target online gambling. This will soon change as there are promises of swift changes coming from the Singapore parliament.

A bill called the Remote Gambling Bill was introduced which would ban remote gambling operators at the local and foreign level. This includes gambling by phone or other electronic method. The result is a block would be placed on unauthorized gambling sites by Internet service providers. Banks would also be forced to block any payments going to and coming from gambling sites.

Blocking websites is nothing out of the ordinary for Singapore. The country already restricts about 100 websites that promote unwelcome material. Some firms in the country could receive an exemption. The firms would need to be a local non-profit that is already complying with established legal standards.

The reason tight regulations against Internet gambling are needed is to protect citizens who could be at risk or being harmed. This would typically include young and vulnerable people. However, people who want to play can typically find a way around any new laws. However, the basic premise is to prevent a casual gambler from accessing banned sites.

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  1. I think that was rubbish. Why? Because here at indonesia, about 40 million people bet a toto at singapore pools every day!, not to mention other people from other nation, we estimate about 100 million people make a totobet at singapore pools (SGP) and some say that the SGP make a daily $100 million net profit per day.. a huge income for such small country..

  2. Today we’re still playing toto at SGP, and yet the prize are increase significantly, so in other words, the regulation is not taking a place

  3. Here at Indonesia, there are so many online dealer who fraud their customer. I’m the one of their victim. The Govt should take a repressive act. So i agree if the Singapore Govt make a strict regulation to eliminate unlicense online gambling web.

  4. I agree that there should be strict rules for online gambling in such a way that every one can do gambling in a secure environment. They should make rules and regulations for gambling to prevent innocents from fraudulent dealers. But its not means that they should banned gambling overall. Even they should not force banks to stop the transactions for gambling. But making good,secure and beneficial rules for payments are good strategies.

  5. This rules benefit to the citizen that became scams site online lottery game victim.But,not online game lottery is scam.Review that site if had a good review from the customer.Mybe,want to backup the main land casino game?Just my opinion.

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