GameAccount Network Awarded US Patent

GameAccount Network PLC is a leading developer and also a supplier of B2B online gaming content, as well as online gaming systems. They recently have been awarded by the US Patent Office, a patent for their product, iBridge Framework. IBridge Framework allows land-based casinos with a rewards program to fully integrate with an internet gaming system. By receiving this patent, it strengthens GameAccounts US market position, by granting it intellectual property rights, that are unique; over the mechanisms that help to merge land-based casinos with an online gaming experience.

The iBridge Framework allows those who are doing online gaming to also enjoy the benefits of the rewards program that are usually only offered in land-based casino operations. By giving the opportunity to have the awards on both land and online casinos, this revolutionizes the industry as well as keeps loyal customers with the casinos of their choosing. Now reward points and incentives can be offered to patrons as part of their online gaming experience, and it can also be carried into the actual casino.

Since studies have proven that more than 50 million members in the USA hold rewards cards for casinos, the implementation of The iBridge Framework will not only encourage players to continue to visit their favorite or chosen casino, but also allow them to earn points while they are online and this will lead to more revenue for both online and land casinos by converging the online to off-line experience. This is great news for rewards card carriers.

Here are some of the highlights:
1. The patent for iBridge Framework helps GameAccount stand by their commitment on delivering unique intellectual property.

2. It helps with the business case, in encouraging casino operators in the USA to implement Igaming solutions, that are available from GameAccount network.

3. Now that iBridge Framework is patented, it can connect with the loyalty program and also third-party systems in casino management.

4. This patent also allows for sustainability in the US market, while having a competitive edge, and continued growth for GameAccount.

Dermot Smurfit, who is the CEO of GameAccount Network, made statements saying that they expect continued growth of their business after having received this patent. He feels they are now validated as a key player in the market and the patent helps to demonstrate the strength of their offering. By getting this unique intellectual property rights, it shows that they have delivered one of the objectives that they had at the time of their IPO. Mr. Smurfit also states, that he looks forward to working with those in the gaming community, as well as having licensing available for the patented software design.

Overview of iBridge Link System:

1. Most casinos in the USA offer rewards cards to their patrons. The reward cards rack up points by putting them in a gaming machine while playing. The points can be used towards free gaming, services, and goods.

2. Statistics show that about 50 million Americans have reward cards and some, even more than one.

3. As of 2009; 5 different types of casino management systems, have been linked to GameAccounts Network, GameSTACK internet gaming system.

4. iBridge Framework, which is now patented by GameAccount, allows for casino patrons to link their rewards to their online activities, in anything from simple registering, gaming, purchasing, and making deposits.

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  1. IBridge Framework, which is now patented by GameAccount, allowing for casino customers to connect their appreciation for their online activities, anything from a simple sign, games, purchase, and make deposits. Truly extraordinary …

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