GameAccount Network has Recently Opened a New North American Headquarters

GameAccount Network has recently finished construction of its new headquarters for its North American region in Las Vegas, Nevada. GameAccount Network is a world-renowned developer and distributor of various types of business-to-business internet gaming software and other gaming services. The company has won many awards since its inception in 2002, including the EGaming award for innovation in 2006, and has been ranked 29th in the Sunday Times ‘Tech Track’ Top 100 of UK’s fastest-growing technology companies.

GameAccount Network not only specializes in online gambling platforms, as the GameAccount Network is quite involved in developing and marketing systems for “real,” traditional, in-person casinos. As technology continues to develop at a near-exponential rate, the potential of online gaming and online casinos consistently and constantly increases. Because GameAccount Network attempts to cater to the needs of both the online casino industry and real, in-person casino industry greatly increases the ability to profit from their operations.

GameAccount Network works primarily in the online gambling sector, and has lended its services to many of the largest online casinos in the world. The Network primarily operates in four main countries: the United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy, and Spain. The companies’ headquarters are located in the United Kingdom, which is where the majority of business decisions come from. In Italy, GameAccount Network runs the Italian Network for eGaming operators, which is a bureaucracy of the Italian government. In Spain, GameAccount helped made a online gambling market platform that ran in concordance with Spain’s government’s rules.

Aside from creating, developing, and regulating the platforms for online gambling in various countries around the word, GameAccount Network also has been used in physical casinos. Trump Plaza and Foxwoods Casino are just two of the casinos that GameAccount Network has signed deals with to use their technology systems. Having the proper information systems to account for all of the money in a casino is key for the casino’s well-being and prosperity, as well as to make sure the company does not “go under.” GameAccount Network is deeply involved in both companies’ online, virtual gambling platforms, as well as “real-money,” which is traditional casino use that is carried out in person.

GameAccount Network’s GameSTACK is arguably the best performing online gaming information technology system available on the market. GameSTACK is a gaming operating system that is designed for not only internet gaming, as it is also designed for real-life, “real money” gaming. GameAccount Network is known for keeping GameSTACK up to the highest, most recent standards that the United Kingdom requires it to operate under.

GameAccount Network is a wildly successful company — as if that even needs to be said — that is currently listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. Companies are only able to “go public,” or, list stocks for sale on public exchanges, if companies and corporations involved are large enough. This proves the Network’s success, and their potential for success in the future.

GameAccount Network not only develops gaming operating systems: the Network is also known to have made a plethora of simulated gambling websites, including,, and www. Some of the companies that own these and similar online gambling websites include Sportingbet, SNAI, William Hill, Rank, and Paddy Power.

Providing content for online gaming service providers is as equally important as developing a proper gaming system that will be favored by its users. GameAccount Network currently has associations with content providers like Aristocrat, Incredible Technologies, and IGT. Content providers help put GameAccount Network in the news, and give word of the Network to its users.

The newly made North American Headquarters of GameAccount Network in Las Vegas, Nevada, is more than three times bigger than the previous headquarters of the Network, and was designed to be so large because of the increasing workload that GameAccount Network has experienced, as well as to cater to the Chief Executive Officer’s relocation of living, Dermot Smurfit, who used to live in London, where GameAccount Network used to be located. The NA Headquarters has many new features that the Network has not had before, including the brand new online-to-offline department.

Another reason as to why GameAccount Network relocated its headquarters to Las Vegas is because of the large amount of investors that work in Las Vegas or are otherwise located in the so-called City of Sin. Many people who are involved in the gambling or casino businesses operate out of or live in Las Vegas because of the millions of people that visit Las Vegas each year as a vacation. Being directly in the epicenter of the gambling world allows one to know how the market is going, and what the company can do to better its chances of succeeding.

The online-to-offline department is a large venue for showing off GameAccount Network’s new products to casino owners and operators. Simulated Gaming, GameAccount Network’s most recently produced endeavor, is the product that is most often pitched to potential investors and users. Simulated Gaming has been produced to work in concordance with the many gaming regulations in the United States of America, and is meant to be used for “real” casinos, which is a term for describing casinos that operate in physical form, rather than online gambling platforms.

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