Georgia Online Gambling Law

Any type of gambling is prohibited in the state of Georgia. Gambling according to the law is described as any person placing a bet on the outcome of any contest or game. The law also covers playing and betting on any game of chance that involves cards, balls or dice. Any individual caught gambling in the state of Georgia will be found guilty of a misdemeanor. In the state, of Georgia it is illegal to set up any type of gambling facility, whether it is online or a physical establishment. Anyone found opening a gambling establishment is breaking the law. If they are caught, they will be charged with a gambling felony and fined up to $20,000.

The Georgia gambling law, clearly states gambling consists of any enterprise that is comprised of consideration, odds, and jackpot. All Online casinos and booking agents fall under the gambling law and are strictly prohibited in the state of Georgia. They each require the individual to create and account and put funds into said account in order to play. Since the funds must be in the account before any bets can be placed, this falls under consideration by the Georgia gambling statutes. Even social gambling is strictly prohibited in the State of Georgia. If you and your buddies would like to have a game of poker in your home this can land you in jail on misdemeanor charges of gambling. The only legalized gambling allowed within the state boundaries are bingo, state lotteries and raffles for charity.

The State Statute interprets the law as anyone who relays knowledge used for placing bets, setting odds or transmitting this type of information to promote gambling will be charged with a communicating information offense. Online poker sites, are illegal under the main body of the law, also fall under this category. Georgia’s gambling law specifically states ANY enterprise, this means any public facility or online gaming site, are prohibited within the state. Any person caught utilizing either will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending upon their involvement.

Georgia has long been opposed to any type of gambling and has had The Georgia Bureau of Investigation set up a task force which is responsible for enforcing gambling laws as they relate to the Coin Operated Amusement Machines. These machines have been used by businesses around the state. These machines are legally housed because they have been licensed under the Georgia Lottery. Customers who play these machines can only win credits for in-store purchases. Redeeming credits for cash payouts is ILLEGAL in Georgia and violators will be prosecuted.

and waited a full decade before agreeing to allow the state lottery to be introduced. With this opposition, it won’t be any time soon before online gambling will be allowed within the state limits.

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