Gilpin Casino, Black Hawk – Colorado

Location of Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado

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The Gilpin Casino – An honest review of a great night out!

The Gilpin Casino is awesome! You can find it located in the historical area of Black Hawk on Main street, it’s super easy to get to. The area has a historical feel to it, which really adds to the vibe of the place, pretty much even before you get in. The casino has a real overall good feel to the place, like its not trying too hard to be flashy or something its not. It has a little something for everyone and is the kind of place I would take my friends who are not heavy into their gambling scene. Its friendly, clean and genuinely a really great place to spend a few hours. The staff compliment the atmosphere really well.

The layout of the casino is really well thought out, it gives you the opportunity to make a good lap of the place before you decide what to play. None of the floor space is overcrowded, cramped or badly laid out, so it means you can focus on your bets and not the people around you, like some other casinos I have been to. I love what this place has to offer, in terms of betting, you have the option of tables, digital or slots. The tables are run by friendly staff who actually HELP you, rather then just worry about turning the cards. On top of that, their funny and get to know the people they are playing with. Blackjack is the biggest, or has been every time I have been there.

The digital games, such as video poker are really well laid out, it gives you the impression that you are playing poker with the people around you and gives you the chance to interact with them, not like other places where you are just sitting looking at a screen. The slots are probably some of the most fun I have played, the group I went with got stuck on these for hours. There is a great selection with a range of betting and odds to play. Then there’s the food. There is a main restaurant and a taco cart. The main restaurant Lucille Malone’s has a great selection of food, including my favorite, the all day breakfast. It does offer a great selection of food and drinks, burgers, steaks and healthy choices such as soup or salads really do cover everyone. The Taco cart is a treat you should NOT overlook. It’s not open as often as the main restaurant so you will have to check the times when you arrive, but their chicken taco is one of the best I have ever had and it’s only $1.50! The bar has a good selection of drinks and cocktails, like at the tables the staff here are friendly and are always happy to suggest something for you to drink.

The casino has a few membership options, the winners club is a membership option that lets players join and get points for every bet they place. It’s a really great membership option as it even gives you the opportunity to see how your bets have been i.e win or loss. Again, it’s another way this casino adds to the friendly vibe, I can’t think of another casino I have been to which will let you see how your performance has been over the past. You get some great cash back and other membership perks the more you play, I would suggest getting the membership on your first visit. You’re going to be playing, so you should be taking advantage and making points while you are there. You get points on everything you do, including bets you make and food you eat in the restaurant, plus you will come back once you have been so it’s worth starting the point rush now.

The casino also offers a selection of fun events and promotions almost every day, especially on the weekend. It’s worth being a member as some of these are geared toward the members of the casino, however they always welcome everyone. Club 50 is a great example of one of the nights they run in the casino, they offer a half price meal for anyone over the age of 50 who is a member, I think things like that are great as I know my dad would love something like this if he lived near. In conclusion, this is a real great spot. It genuinely has something for everyone to keep them entertained for hours. The staff will always take care of you in a friendly, welcoming way. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a good place to have a birthday night out, compliment a work social event or, like we always do, a great way to end a night out with friends.
Actually, there has even been a few times I have headed down to the casino on my own when i’m in the city for work. I’ve never once not wanted to go here and I know a few people who have had very lucky nights on the slot machines. Consider it everything you need in a night out in the city of Colorado and make sure you take my advice and head there when you’re next in the city.

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